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Wolfie Blog #1

Posted on September 3, 2018

As the age of the internet continues, blogging becomes a hobby, and even a profession for millions of people. Blogs can range to any subject such as, food, cars and even politics. Blogs allow people to express and/or listen to new ideas and opinions across a wide array of subjects. The subjects that this blog is concerned with is writing. As Alex Reid discusses in her article “Why Blog?” blogging allows students to advance their writing capability while being interested in the subject. Her argument reminded me of Alfie Kohn’s “Case Against Grades”. Where Reid discusses that only writing to complete education requirements and fulfill assignments will discourage students from wanting to write. Whereas blogging will inspire students to write since it involves subjects that they’re interested in. Kohn had a similar take when he discussed that students aren’t motivated to learn because grades force them to find the most efficient way to achieve a grade. In my experience in school this is a true concept. People use grades as a measurement of their knowledge instead of actual education. This has an immediate effect when students do homework because they search for the correct answers instead of the correct understanding of the topic. This causes them to do poorly in the class and/or move on without the appropriate foundation for the advanced classes. Blogging helps to make sure that students will develop the appropriate understanding of writing while simultaneously peaking their interest in the topic.


  1. Kristina Lucenko

    Great job connecting the concept of intrinsic motivation in these two essays. I think that the argument that grades provide students with motivation is valid, but I also like how Reid builds his argument that intrinsic motivation is useful in developing good writing skills. After all, as he notes, most if not all professional careers require facility in writing. Setting personal writing goals helps…

  2. moaljarrash

    I agree. Blogging is a fun way to explore writing and even editing, especially in the case of WOLFIE which we will be using throughout the semester, we get to read each other’s posts and give them feedback on their writing and engage in the topic that they’re discussing.

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