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Glengarry Glen Ross Finally

Posted on April 19, 2017

I wondered why is the title of this play called Glengarry Glen Ross. I thought it was because one of the characters was named this but it actually turns out it was named after a piece of land in flordia. This play reminds me of play in high school that I read called Death of a Salesmen. I made this connection because the character of Levene and the character in Death of a Salesmen were desperate o make ends meet for their family that they did anything possible in order to take care of their family. The end was very interesting to find out it was actually Levene rather than Aaronow was the one who paired up with mosss and decided to steal the leads.  This was an inerersting play to read and act out. The play taught us how desperation can get the better of you.  Levine seem really hurt when he found out the truth about his big closing. I can imagine the hurt look that he had on his face. Levine brings up his daughter whenhe is in the most desperate situations. But at any other moment you never hear about this daughter or family that Levene has.  Roma is very sly when it comes to the altercation with hisself and Mr. Lingk because he doesn’t want this deal to be gone back on which would present him to his  bosses as a bad salesmen. Roma knows what Lingk is saying but doesnt want to hear it so tries to makes Lingk come in another day that the check has already cleared on so the can talk about it.

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