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Blog #2

Posted on September 11, 2018

Reading “Shitty First Drafts” brought me a sense of comfort to know that other people (especially successful writers) are also making horrible first drafts. I definitely struggle with expressing my ideas effectively and coherently, so my drafts are usually extremely messy. I relate to  Lamott’s advice to just write everything and anything, and once you get to a certain point you can go back, pick out the pieces you like and touch it up. I usually start with jotting down some notes, putting arrows to the information I want to place together. I often write paragraphs with sentence fragments until all my ideas are out. This mimics how I actually think, highly sporadic, ideas pouring out of every direction, jumbled, and none of which will make sense to anyone but myself.  If I think too much about technicality or the fluidity, I will get stuck on that and not produce new content. It’s aways a time consuming and frustrating process to turn something so disjointed and unclear into something pleasing to read and understandable by someone who isn’t familiar with the subject.  However, I’m happy to know that so many other writers are also going through the same struggle to create their work.

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