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Blog #10

Posted on May 6, 2018

I really enjoyed our last project. I felt like it was a perfect way to end a difficult semester. I enjoyed working with my classmates because usually I usually work alone so this was a good switch up. I thought the concept of the project was quite repetitive because we had to do something similar for our final essay but I still enjoyed it. Every group that presented incorporated humor which made the class entertaining. I really enjoyed the group that incorporated the Avengers. I thought it was funny and the Avengers has been the focal point of many conversations recently so it made sense to make it apart of their skit. I also like the group that did a spin-off of “A story of an Hour”. I like how the main actor was portrayed as very overdramatic. When he realized he was single, it was very funny and demonstrated the short story well. Another group I enjoyed was the group that did the spinoff of “Y- the Last Man”. The group gave the class a live presentation of the scene when Hero came to get Yorick. I enjoyed this group’s presentation because I wrote my fanfiction essay on the same book. Although they chose a different scene, I still enjoyed their skit and the fake gun was a very creative prop. The gunshot sound effects were the cherry on top and made the whole class laugh.


I felt that our group did really good. At first, it might of been hard to tell what book or short story we based our skit off of but I think it started to make more sense afterward. We moved around the room a lot so I felt that we could have spoken up more but other than that, as a group we presented well. We took the opposite approach of “The Lesson” where a white wealthy man takes his son to a poor communities toy store. I think we also did a decent job at acting. We used actual toys which hopefully clarified what short story we were inspired by. I had to dress somewhat semi-formal to show that I was apart of the wealthier class. As a group and as a whole class, it was not prize-winning performances, but we all worked hard and hopefully, it paid off by boosting all of our grades.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    Ha! Love the GIF you included here!
    I am glad that you enjoyed the group project. Although it is, in some ways, similar to the final paper, taking a story and making it your own, there are definitely different challenges to writing and performing a skit–you have to figure out not just the story you want to tell, but also how to convey it through performance. As you can see from the performances of other members of the class, some people stayed very close to the original story, others make considerable departures. I’m glad that you enjoyed the project and working with your group. Thanks for a great semester.

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