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Blog #4 A.

Posted on February 19, 2018

“Waiting For the Barbarians” is one of the most confusing yet, an enjoyable book I have read this year. Joll is like the “Punisher” and the “Terminator” combined. It seems like every scene where a bit of drama comes in, readers are imagining every moment and feel as if they were actually there; Hypothetically speaking. And when it comes to the fisher people, you don’t know whether to feel melancholy or feel disgusted by the thought of them. The reason they were captured made no sense either. Of course, People well get frightened by a group of men whose occupation is to do exactly that! The concept of different villages is similar to how there are different Districts in the “Hunger Games”. This is one similarity I have made between this book and another book so far. The magistrate is also just a very mysterious character. He is the narrator in the book because readers can understand the meaning and the thought process he has about most topics that he addresses. 


The not so love story between Magistrate and the blind barbarian girl is quite interesting. He seems to be more interested in her scars and her body than actually with her. He also has no intentions of having sex with her so this made me question his sexuality. How can a man bathe a woman every night and sleep with her and not try to make a move? And when he starts seeing the “bird-like” woman, The blind woman obviously gets offended. Magistrate no longer views her as fascinating and mysterious; she is more of a bother to him and he no longer wants to keep contact with her. This reminds me of a scenario where a new iPhone comes out and everyone has to have an upgrade when most of the time, nothing was wrong with their old phone, they just want something new. Magistrate put in a lot of time and effort to find out how and who injured the blind woman, to then not care at all and to be annoyed by her. However, he is human and many people do the same thing but this made me, unlike his character.

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  1. Jessica Hautsch

    I hope our discussion of the novel in class has helped to dispel some the confusion and heightened your enjoyment of the novel. Great observation about the fact that the magistrate is more concerned with the empire’s markings on the girl’s body than he is with her. In fact, as we discussed in class, he does not seem to see her at all.

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