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Blog #10

May 6, 2018 in Blog

I really enjoyed our last project. I felt like it was a perfect way to end a difficult semester. I enjoyed working with my classmates because usually I usually work alone so this was a good switch up. I thought the concept of the project was quite repetitive because we had to do something similar for our final essay but I still enjoyed it. Every group that presented incorporated humor which made the class entertaining. I really enjoyed the group that incorporated the Avengers. I thought it was funny and the Avengers has been the focal point of many conversations recently so it made sense to make it apart of their skit. I also like the group that did a spin-off of “A story of an Hour”. I like how the main actor was portrayed as very overdramatic. When he realized he was single, it was very funny and demonstrated the short story well. Another group I enjoyed was the group that did the spinoff of “Y- the Last Man”. The group gave the class a live presentation of the scene when Hero came to get Yorick. I enjoyed this group’s presentation because I wrote my fanfiction essay on the same book. Although they chose a different scene, I still enjoyed their skit and the fake gun was a very creative prop. The gunshot sound effects were the cherry on top and made the whole class laugh.


I felt that our group did really good. At first, it might of been hard to tell what book or short story we based our skit off of but I think it started to make more sense afterward. We moved around the room a lot so I felt that we could have spoken up more but other than that, as a group we presented well. We took the opposite approach of “The Lesson” where a white wealthy man takes his son to a poor communities toy store. I think we also did a decent job at acting. We used actual toys which hopefully clarified what short story we were inspired by. I had to dress somewhat semi-formal to show that I was apart of the wealthier class. As a group and as a whole class, it was not prize-winning performances, but we all worked hard and hopefully, it paid off by boosting all of our grades.

Blog #9

April 16, 2018 in Blog

Personally, I enjoyed the first act of Glengarry Glen Ross more than the second act. I believe I only like it more because we saw a reenactment of act one in class. Hopefully, we are also able to see act two and maybe I will feel different about the act afterward. One part of act two that I enjoyed was when Roma expresses his opinions toward detectives stating cops are too stupid to find the thief of the leads. My first impression was he only said that because he was nervous about getting interviewed. Throughout act two, Roma gets a lot of attention. I find it ironic how Roma can criticize other people and call them deadbeats when he is not the wealthiest man ever. Just because you are making more money than someone does not justify calling the person or people “deadbeats”. Roma was frustrated getting another lead with the last name of Patel because he labels everyone who has the surname as Patel as a deadbeat since it is almost impossible to close a deal with them.

Levene seemed to go through all the emotions in act two. He felt like the King of the World after completing a sale, then feeling like crap after Williamson found out Levene stole the leads. I enjoy how there is always a bargain taking place. This time, it is between Leven and Williamson. I also noticed deals between the salesmen and each other never follow through. If they have this much difficulty bargaining, how can one be a salesman? Leven must have felt horrible after William says his sales mean nothing to him. The idea moss proposed did not seem that much promising either. Leven and Moss fave to take a big chance if they want to work together. I do not think this is a good idea but maybe the real reason they are unable to close sales is that they are given crappy leads. If they work together and are able to get good leads, they might have a chance at becoming successful.

Blog #8

April 2, 2018 in Writing

I really enjoyed this week’s readings. Although they were longer than our previous readings, I enjoyed them more. In terms of what story I liked best, the list would go, “The Lesson”, “Standard of Living”, and then “The Garden Party”. I put “The Garden Party” last not because I found it less interesting than the other two stories, but because I feel that I can relate two the others more. I did enjoy reading how Laura formed her own opinions about the workers and no longer lets her mom impact her own opinion about people of different economic classes.  I believe racism is taught and passed down by family and friends, therefore, if fewer people stop listening to what they have to say and develop their own opinions, there will be less racism in the world. With time, heals everything. I also enjoyed reading the “Standard of Living” because I can imagine my cousins and I playing a game similar to the one Anabell and Midge invented. I like the concept of what would someone would do if they had $1,000,000 dollars and a rich mindset. As a kid, I used to go shopping online and see how many items I can purchase for $200 dollars but I would never buy them, it was just for fun.

I enjoyed reading “The Lesson” the most because I have read it in a  previous class. Miss Moore gave the children an experience and life lesson they would never forget. No matter what, there is segregation when referring to economic class. The kids learned this lesson at a young age and that was very important. The kids value money more and realize they can still have fun with the little money they had and that is the main reason I enjoyed this short story the most. Something I also found unique about this story is that all of the children have different personalities. This is shown based off of the toys they want but cannot afford. They all took a different interest in different items, such as the microscope. As a child, I wanted a microscope but was not able to afford one. I know how devastating it is to want something you want because it is not only fun, but informative, and not being able to pay for it.

Blog #7

March 26, 2018 in Blog

The readings from last week and this week’s, which were “Indian Education”, “Fish Cheeks”, and “Never marry a Mexican” were mostly about how poorly white Americans treated other races. Last week’s readings focused primarily on how white people treated and reacted to African Americans. This week we read about Native Americans which as a whole, do not receive much attention to when it comes to being treated poorly due to the fact there are not many Native Americans today. “Never marry a Mexican” did not seem to fit well with the other stories. This is the reason why I did not enjoy reading it. I preferred “Indian Education” the most so I will analyze it last. Clemencia was a very revengeful woman. I understand Drew broke your heart, but that is part of life. If she knew the men she desired were players, why keep going after them? Also, I feel like as an adult, you have to learn from the issues that occurred because it is unhealthy to stay focused on one thing. As Victor from “Indian Education” said, “everything looks like a noose if you stare at it long enough.” Clemencia was obsessive of a relationship that was no longer “alive”. The fact she went to his house proves she is not mentally stable.

I really enjoyed the message behind “Fish cheeks”. The narrator really liked the minister’s son, which made Christmas Eve very important to her. She realized her household might be different from the white guests that came. What seemed like a usual day within her life, she realized the minister and his family seemed out of place; Because they were. When the mother gave the narrator the skirt, she reminded her it’s okay to adjust to her surroundings but never forget your roots which I believe is very important, especially in today’s society. On campus, sometimes I feel out of place coming from a Hispanic background and being the first person in my family to attend such a great University.

I favored “Indian Education” not only because of the well-written story but because of how the format was written based on events that he encountered throughout his school years. Many people may relate to Victor because he was bullied. Although many complications occurred due to his race, he never gave up and tried to use the negativity he was receiving as a reason to keep succeeding. I also enjoyed the story because Victor played basketball which I enjoy playing as well.


Blog #6

March 19, 2018 in Blog

During this past Spring Break, I slept most of the time but I took the time out of my not so busy schedule to read the three short stories that were assigned. From my favorite short story to the least favorite, the list is “The Ethics of Living Jim Crow”,  “Black Men in Public Space”, then “Everyday Use” I really enjoyed  “The Ethics of Living Jim Crow” because it made me think of different scenarios that I have seen in a movie or I have read previously. However, The author incorporated a lot of diction which helped readers such as myself, envision as if they were actually experiencing what Wright had to go through. I was furious at first reading about the woman who got beat up by Wright’s boss and the son of the boss. To put the cherry on top, she got arrested because she was “drunk”. I questioned why Wright did not bother to help her, but after rereading a few times, I realized he might have lost his life if he tried helping. I find it clever that he mentioned how his “Jim Crow Education” was expanding however he did not go to college and went right to work. He was not able to get “book smart” so he got “street smart”.

 “Black Men in Public” is definitely more of a child-friendly reading. I find it quite funny the experiences Staples had to face back then are still relevant today. There have been times where I have witnessed someone starts walking faster if there is someone of color behind them. This might have been a safety precaution, however, would the person react the same way if they were not colored?  Going back to Staples, I like how although he might have look intimidating, he would whistle popular composers which might have confused the white people, maybe even made them more scared. My least favorite is “Everyday Use” because of the change Dee went through. She forgot her routes and changed to a point where she cares more about materialistic things such as jewelry. Her mother worked hard to keep her family healthy and it seems like Dee was very ungrateful. My mother worked hard throughout the years and continues to do so. Dee’s mother did the same so she deserved more respect. Despite not liking this short story, I enjoyed the readings as a whole.


Blog #5

February 25, 2018 in Blog

I am surprised I actually finished this horrible, unassuming book. At first, “Waiting For the Barbarians” did not seem that bad; Joll was introduced as a bad ass with some cool shades but ended up being somewhat of a monster. If I had no choice but to lie about a crime I did not commit to save my life, I would do it. And it seemed like the magistrate’s character seemed to try to get on the reader’s good side but I am not one to be fooled. I felt no sympathy toward the magistrate when he was getting abused. If I was Mandel, I would have kept him locked up until death, but that’s just my opinion. The soldiers are also unlikeable characters. It’s hard to find someone that all the readers seem to like in this book. Maybe the barbarian girl because of all the pain she had to go through, but then again she had sex with the magistrate, so I can not seem to have a liking for her character as well. Going back to the soldiers, they seemed like the barbaric ones. They Stole and did whatever the pleased. Mandel had no control, and with Joll out of the picture, the soldiers were the ones in charge. They made the town fear the barbarians for actions the soldiers were doing. I just kept getting more upset because of how blinded the townspeople were; Which means the barbarian girl being blind is not coincidental.


The barbarian girl was still able to use her peripheral vision. The townspeople might have been blind but some were smart enough to use their peripheral vision to leave the town before matters started to get worse. The ones who left knew what was going on but of course, the soldiers try to use manipulation to make the townspeople stay and try to encourage safety; safety was not present at all. As the soldiers begin to leave, all they cared about was the belongings they have just stolen. This lead to the magistrate gaining a little more power. Even brought his confidence up enough to have sex with the Mai, the woman that had a close relationship with his forbidden lover; the barbarian girl. Mai should have known better but of course, since the barbarian girl was out of the picture, it seemed fine to have sex with the magistrate. And having the baby being there makes the situation so much better. I didn’t like this book at all and would not recommend it to anyone.

Blog #4 B.

February 19, 2018 in Blog

As I continued to read “Waiting For the Barbarians”, I strongly started to dislike the book more and more. The magistrate is a character easy to dislike. The way he treats the barbarian girl is so disrespectful. He plays with her emotions for his own satisfaction. His mission to bring back the barbarian girl put the cherry on top of the assumptions people from the settlement were already making about the girl and the magistrate. Also, I can’t imagine drinking from the salty lake water. They must have had the worst stomach pain. They probably forgot to pack Pepto-Bismol. Strange how the barbarian girl didn’t get that much affected or feel disgusted by the men and their bathroom issues. The thoughts that the men the magistrate brought with him on their journey must have been mostly negative. To go on a long voyage in nearly the start of spring is baffling. I would have never gone with the magistrate in the first place. I am surprised nobody tried killing him and returned back to the settlement. The could have said he died by the harsh conditions they were facing. They could have even used the excuse that the saltwater killed him. Whatever strategy would have worked because the people in the settlement could not care less about the magistrate.


The magistrate probably did not mine the trip having the barbarian girl by his side. Especially after they had sex for the first time. So he was waiting for her to make the first move? Now, the magistrate is confused and not sure what to do but is bringing her home, where is the knowledge behind that? If the girl and the magistrate had sex earlier in the book, he would have proposed the option whether to stay with him or not earlier. And his welcome home hug was not one he expected. He got to hug some bars in his jail cell. The accusations made by the people in the settlement were not wrong either. It seems like every day gets worse and worse for the magistrate. Even when he escapes the cell, he goes to a place where nobody with common sense would go. He hides under the prostitutes’ bed hearing her make love, and not just having sex. I would rather stay in the jail cell. To be honest, I do not feel any sympathy towards the magistrate, I am actually surprised he is not dead yet.

Blog #4 A.

February 19, 2018 in Blog

“Waiting For the Barbarians” is one of the most confusing yet, an enjoyable book I have read this year. Joll is like the “Punisher” and the “Terminator” combined. It seems like every scene where a bit of drama comes in, readers are imagining every moment and feel as if they were actually there; Hypothetically speaking. And when it comes to the fisher people, you don’t know whether to feel melancholy or feel disgusted by the thought of them. The reason they were captured made no sense either. Of course, People well get frightened by a group of men whose occupation is to do exactly that! The concept of different villages is similar to how there are different Districts in the “Hunger Games”. This is one similarity I have made between this book and another book so far. The magistrate is also just a very mysterious character. He is the narrator in the book because readers can understand the meaning and the thought process he has about most topics that he addresses. 


The not so love story between Magistrate and the blind barbarian girl is quite interesting. He seems to be more interested in her scars and her body than actually with her. He also has no intentions of having sex with her so this made me question his sexuality. How can a man bathe a woman every night and sleep with her and not try to make a move? And when he starts seeing the “bird-like” woman, The blind woman obviously gets offended. Magistrate no longer views her as fascinating and mysterious; she is more of a bother to him and he no longer wants to keep contact with her. This reminds me of a scenario where a new iPhone comes out and everyone has to have an upgrade when most of the time, nothing was wrong with their old phone, they just want something new. Magistrate put in a lot of time and effort to find out how and who injured the blind woman, to then not care at all and to be annoyed by her. However, he is human and many people do the same thing but this made me, unlike his character.

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Blog #3

February 19, 2018 in Blog

Although I might have read the entire comic book the first week we were assigned reading it, I’m glad I can go back and reflect on the second half of the book. “Y: The Last Man” continues with Yorick still trying to find his hopefully soon to be “fiancé” who’s on the other side of the world hiking in a bra and jean shorts. That’s the only description we can go by, other than the one of her completely naked and dripping with blood. However, This cover art can be addressed towards the second half of the book because as Yorick’s little new girlfriend came into his life, it only put her and himself in more danger. She ended dying in the hands of his brainwashed, semi-emotionless sister, Hero. Semi-emotionless because she killed someone, and probably many others. She still has sympathy, however, because she brings up a typical “Dad loves me more” scenario, which makes Yorick realize he’s not going to murder his sister. Referring back to Beth, his actual girlfriend, it was a dream he had but it also could have been a symbolic message. In his dream, she said, “don’t come for me…you know why.” Maybe the reason why was Yorick consciously telling himself not to go and find her, because she might be dead or die because of him.


The women in this comic seem to have a love-hate relationship with Yorick. Some of the feminists hate his guts, while others want to help him stay alive to save the human race. It is unclear if there are other feminist militants group such as the Amazons, but they definitely despise Yorick. However, with their leader dead, they were hopeless and had no specific goals anymore. One of my favorite parts of the second half of the comic was when the leader of the Amazons, obviously before she got an ax through her head, she had a woman bow down to her and apologize. The leader says “stand up, we are all equals here”. If this was true, why did the woman feel like she had to bow and apologize? This is more of a dominance and power act. Although there was only one known man live, there seems to still be an unequal balance. Doesn’t this make the Amazons a little hypocritical? This is why I prefer the group of convicts. At least they seem like a group of women that were united. I love how volume 1 ends with readers finding out there are still some men alive in space. Everyone loves a little suspense.

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Blog #2

February 19, 2018 in Blog

“Y: The Last Man” is a very interesting book. I found it kind of confusing as to why he was hanging upside down in the beginning, but I still enjoyed the all-around plot. I was also questioning why we were reading this comic book because I have not read one in years. As a reader continues, they realize how this comic is not meant for young children. The vocabulary used throughout was vulgar and involved actual adult like scenarios. I could not imagine being in a world of just women. I am surprised Yorick lasted so long. Yorick is a very heroic character. The irony behind that is his sister’s name is “Hero”. Interesting isn’t it? When it comes to the new military in town that consists of all feminists, the “Amazons” are not so heroic. And what is the deal with burning one breast? Is the commitment to them that serious? I also noticed that the drawings were quite fascinating. I also enjoyed how they were placed in between chapters. “The Walking Dead” series might have all the fame,  but this comic deserves just as much fame because of how good the content is. I would love to the see this comic televised.


Many people would have a different approach to how women would act toward the only man alive. They would assume they would look like a pack of wolves who haven’t eaten in weeks and finally sees prey. The author decided to take a different approach. And the monkey was a perfect addition of suspense and humor. Sometimes he would be helpful, other times he would set up Yorick for his next “try and escape death” mission. Everyone also likes a good love story, and this comic definitely had that. With his wife off on her own adventure, Yorick still tries to find her. This was until his little savior came to his rescue. Was Yorick in love with her or the fact that she saved his life? Guess it does not matter since Hero killed her with no remorse. Yorick shed a few tears until his grief turned into anger. He got so upset he was contemplating on whether or not to shoot his sister’s head off. Of course, Yorick is not so big and intimidating when it comes to family. This comic has a little bit of everything. It’s a gumbo of different genres in one.

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