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  • I really enjoyed our last project. I felt like it was a perfect way to end a difficult semester. I enjoyed working with my classmates because usually I usually work alone so this was a good switch up. I thought […]

    • Ha! Love the GIF you included here!
      I am glad that you enjoyed the group project. Although it is, in some ways, similar to the final paper, taking a story and making it your own, there are definitely different challenges to writing and performing a skit–you have to figure out not just the story you want to tell, but also how to convey it through performance. As you can see from the performances of other members of the class, some people stayed very close to the original story, others make considerable departures. I’m glad that you enjoyed the project and working with your group. Thanks for a great semester.

  • Darian Rosa wrote a new post, Blog #9 4 months ago

    Personally, I enjoyed the first act of Glengarry Glen Ross more than the second act. I believe I only like it more because we saw a reenactment of act one in class. Hopefully, we are also able to see act two and […]

    • Roma does not come off great in this act. We see him engage in the same racism that Moss and Aaronow exhibited earlier. What did you make of his interactions with Lingk? Levene does seem to be on an emotional rollercoaster throughout this act. Do you see any changes in his character when he thinks that he is on the board?
      PS. Love the GIF. It is perfect for this play!

  • I really enjoyed this week’s readings. Although they were longer than our previous readings, I enjoyed them more. In terms of what story I liked best, the list would go, “The Lesson”, “Standard of Living”, and the […]

    • I really like your point about Laura from “The Garden Party,” and her ability to form her own ideas that run counter to those of her family. You make a good point about children learning from their parents, and it is interesting, I think, to consider what Mrs. Sheridan is teaching her children. There is definitely something appealing about playing the what-would-you-do-with-a-million-bucks game. Also, excellent discussion of “The Lesson.” Your mention of segregation is really interesting. We don’t generally think about that in terms of class, but there are certainly spaces that are classed.
      PS. Great GIF!

  • The readings from last week and this week’s, which were “Indian Education”, “Fish Cheeks”, and “Never marry a Mexican” were mostly about how poorly white Americans treated other races. Last week’s readings focu […]

    • I understand your frustration with “Never Marry a Mexican.” I hope our class conversations this week will help you to make some more sense of it. I am glad to read that you were able to relate to the narrators of the other two stories. You do a nice job of discussing the experience of feeling like an outsider.

  • Darian Rosa wrote a new post, Blog #6 5 months ago

    During this past Spring Break, I slept most of the time but I took the time out of my not so busy schedule to read the three short stories that were assigned. From my favorite short story to the least favorite, […]

    • I really like your GIF here. Including an image of President Obama demonstrates some of the progress we have made as a country, even though we still have much farther to go. We may have all been created equal, but, in this country, people are not treated as equal. Good discussion of Wright’s story. His interactions with white people were an issue of survival, of life or death. It can be a difficult read because it is so brutal. What do you make of the choice of what Staples whistles? Why does he select to whistle classical music?

  • I am surprised I actually finished this horrible, unassuming book. At first, “Waiting For the Barbarians” did not seem that bad; Joll was introduced as a bad ass with some cool shades but ended up being somewhat […]

    • I love the use of your GIF here. It is very funny and captures what happens when the soldiers leave the town. I like that you connect the abuses of the empire to the magistrates rise to power. The people of the town realize that the empire will not protect them, so they turn to the only other authority figure that they have.

      I am sorry to hear that you did not like the book, but I hope that by reading it and participating in our class discussions, you were able to get something of value out of it.

  • Darian Rosa wrote a new post, Blog #4 B. 6 months ago

    As I continued to read “Waiting For the Barbarians”, I strongly started to dislike the book more and more. The magistrate is a character easy to dislike. The way he treats the barbarian girl is so dis […]

    • I understand your dislike for the magistrate. One of the elements of the novel that I struggle with every time I read it is how much we are supposed to sympathize with him, especially because he is a highly unreliable narrator. For me, chapter four is when I think his character makes a heel-face turn for me, but, even then, some of the comments about his innocence ring false.

  • Darian Rosa wrote a new post, Blog #4 A. 6 months ago

    “Waiting For the Barbarians” is one of the most confusing yet, an enjoyable book I have read this year. Joll is like the “Punisher” and the “Terminator” combined. It seems like every scene where a bit of drama c […]

    • I hope our discussion of the novel in class has helped to dispel some the confusion and heightened your enjoyment of the novel. Great observation about the fact that the magistrate is more concerned with the empire’s markings on the girl’s body than he is with her. In fact, as we discussed in class, he does not seem to see her at all.

  • Although I might have read the entire comic book the first week we were assigned reading it, I’m glad I can go back and reflect on the second half of the book. “Y: The Last Man” continues with Yorick still try […]

    • Great observations about the Amazons. I think you are right to question how the hierarchical system set up by Victoria is different from the hierarchical system set up by men (I’m not sure that it is). She might “despise barking orders like a patriarch,” but she still does, which does seem a little hypocritical, doesn’t it?

      Great use of a GIF here!

  • “Y: The Last Man” is a very interesting book. I found it kind of confusing as to why he was hanging upside down in the beginning, but I still enjoyed the all-around plot. I was also questioning why we were rea […]

    • I love the GIF you included in this post! It really effectively captures Yorick’s vulnerability throughout the story. Yes, this is definitely not a comic for children. I really like your observations about Yorick’s and his sister’s names in this graphic novel. What about Yorick makes him a hero?

  • Even though I have read “The Story of An Hour” by Kate Chopin before, rereading it now seemed different. Ever since leaving high school. I feel like my interpreting skills have increased. I was in an honors Eng […]

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