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Road to becoming a successful writer!

Posted on November 15, 2018

Transitioning from highschool to college, my writing has changed dramatically. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, growing up I was an extremely lazy writer. I always did the bare minimum to get past. As I grow into college, I have been picking up a lot of a good habits that are only gonna make me better for the future. These past few months I have expanded my knowledge tremulously, surprising myself. I’m proud of what I become but I’m not gonna let success stop m y hunger from being the best writer I could be. Recently I was assigned a reading that I believe is gonna take my writing to the next level.As I began to write when I was younger, every paper, project, and pretty much any writing piece I wrote I never ever thought back on looking for any kind mistakes, I never even proofed read. Joseph Harris in “Rewriting” explained how revising your writing piece is critical to get to perfection. He gave many examples and words of advice on how to do so, helping expand my knowledge in writing even more.”First, read through your text and highlight its overview and road signs. Then, check to see if your overview really describes your essay as it now stands”. Harris was explaining what it takes to properly revise your paper while maintaining a proper order without messing your paper up totally. In addition, “Tracking Revision” he established the transition from your draft to being your final essay using such simple techniques like, adding to you essay, deleting stuff, cut and pasting, and selecting and typing over things. He mentions tracking your revision as you go too, seeing the progress in your paper grow sounds like an amazing idea, something I never actually thought of. I believe that my writing pieces in the future are definitely gonna become more stronger with using these brilliant techniques that Harris gave me reason to finally take a look at my essays before I hand them in, because your original paper you hand in can look and sound much different than the ending result of you taking the time to revise and perfect your craft.

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