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Atmosphere of Greed

Posted on April 19, 2017

In scene two of Glengarry Glenross we are introduced to Arronow and Moss who both are struggling to make proper sales. Because being a salesman there is not much equal opportunity for growth. But Moss wants to trap Arronow into breaking into the company to take the leads.  Which highlights the fact that he thinks no one is going to help him rise to the top so he has to steal his way to the top. In the next scene readers are introduced to Roma and Lingk, Roma is one of the top salesman and is relatively younger than his colleagues while Lingk is a potential buyer that Roma is trying to get a better understanding of his personality.  Roma’s technique to persuade someone into buying a house is to form a connection to his buyer so they can feel comfortable. We see him persuading lingk and other people to buy property at inflated prices. In Act two the robbery has been committed, Roma was furious not for the fact that the company was stolen because he realized that his opportunity and leads are gone and that he will not win his price, Roma comes off as a selfish con artist he only wants what’s best for him and that’s what the competition in a work atmosphere creates, this form of dividedness and everyone bribing or doing other things to win prizes and it also creates an atmosphere of greed. Throughout the play readers see that there is a lot of unequal advantages and it’s easier to stay on top if you are already on top than it is to rise to the top which creates conflict and puts people at a disadvantage.  I believe that the play was an attack on American business practices during a certain time period. Workers fear failure because there is a whole lot of things at stake.

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  1. Jessica Hautsch

    Good analysis of Roma. He does form a connection to Lingk to get him to buy the property. In many ways, it reads as a kind of seduction. At first, he is, I think, the most likable of these unlikable characters, but his true colors are revealed when his sales are threatened.

Crystal Williams

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