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The Greed Doesn’t Stop

Posted on April 19, 2017

In the play Glengarry Glen Ross we’ve had the opportunity to see the way in which multiple real estate workers react in order to achieve their goals, after a competition was set up between them. In my post, last week, I talked about the first scene and how the attitude of people changes when it comes to business. In the case of Williamson and Levene, the first decided not to help his workmate until money was added in the picture.


On the following scene, the primary actors are Aaronow and Moss and they designed an interesting plan. Aaronow is not in a great place at the moment since his sell did not go as well as planned. Moss, however, tells him to relax and that they will find a way. What Aaronow didn’t know was that Moss already had found a not so legal way to deal with the situation and had already included him. Moss’ plan is to rob the office and steal the leads to sell them to Gerry Graff, who has shown to be a successful businessman. Moss starts to “hypothetically” speak to Aaronow about it and he finds it to be absolutely CRAZY! He says that he will not do such thing and Aaronow threatens to accuse him of accomplice since he already knows the plan. When I read this I just didn’t know what to think. At the beginning, I despised Williamson for being so greedy and now this happens. It is disappointing to see everything people are willing to do just to maintain a certain position either at work or society. Besides this being a crime is the fact that Aaronow clearly did not want part in any of this and he was forced to. Although, at the end of the day he could have chosen to do the right thing, but he didn’t I guess…


The way in which Roma (other real estate worker) handled the situation was completely different from the way in which the others have been doing. She used the power of persuasion to achieve her goals. She met a potential buyer and tried to connect as much as much as she could. She did not stop talking about how much we would regret the chances we didn’t take just because of our fears and so on. I thought that this was interesting because isn’t this what you are supposed to do? Or is there really need to recur to illegal and selfish methods?


As we continue reading, I just hope they find the responsible for stealing the leads and contracts which by doing so, put at risk the future of the others as well.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    There really are no likable characters in this play– that is not the kind of story the Mamet is interested in telling. Good observations about how Roma’s style differs from the other salesmen. We watch him seduce Lingk into buying the property with the promise of masculinity and power.

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