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Hero or not

Posted on September 14, 2017


Someone time the best word of advice come from a person who is not real. A fictional character connects to more people from all ages or culture because these stories catch as when we are low. My favorite fictional character is Luke Cage from the comic books to the Netflix shows. Someone that is strong with the mind and body but still have hard time deal with everyday life. The reason why I like this character is because how he follows my understanding what a man need to be. One of the quote Luke Cage said “I believe in what he’s doing; I believe the city needs him. But the truths is, I can’t help anymore. I’ve got this shift from hell ‘cause I helped another friend trying to do good. Big boy. Stronger than our friend. And yet I’m the one who got the shaft. I’m just trying to keep my head down, do my job, stay sane.”. This quote shows the mindset of someone from New York city and a life that was unfair. You learn what you have and what you don’t by looking over your limit. Change what need to be done that create an easy stress load for you every day. Move forward never look back make should your choice was right regret nothing always move forward. That why I love this quote it gives you the mindset of a person who understand, that sometime, you just need to go with the flow, instead, of pushing against it. My second is “too much in Harlem happens in the shadows. People fear what they can’t see. And that what makes you different. They see you. It makes them trust you”. This is what I want to become as a writer   for the newspaper; someone that the city can trust. I want to force on the good thing my block has to offered instead of just writing all the negative thing. The last quote that sum up why I really like the development of this character is this one “Pops always said, if you don’t feel good going to work, you should find new work”. By waking up in the morning and feeling happy that you going to work even if the job could kill your nervous. Is how you know you’re doing something right. Luke Cage choice to be a hero that learn change and move forward.


  1. ariarodrigue

    I completely agree with your opener and how sometimes the best advice comes from someone who isn’t real. I also have a fictional charter that I feel as if they speak to me. I like how in your blog post you brought up this topic that many people would like is silly but in reality is relatable af. I also like how you put this quotes it made the post even better. Good job

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