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The first draft is always bad…

Posted on February 12, 2019

Drafting is an important process in writing, Lemott and Murray are both trying to remind us the importance of drafting. They point out that we feel stressed a lot during writing, because sometimes we don’t really have a direction before we started writing. So they suggest the best way to deal with that is to actually start writing, but think of it as a draft, a practice, something that no one else will see except you. The first draft is always terrible, but they say it’s fine it’s how it should be. The whole purpose of drafting, is to let the writers get a warmup, so that they can develop more ideas, then come up with a better one. The first draft can be any form you like, you just write whatever is in your mind. And then you can go through a couple revisions, try make it better and appropriate every time you revise the article. During the process of revision, you can try to think how can you tell the story better and more detailed. And think about your audience, because your audience decides what kind of style the story should be told.

My personal experience with drafting is amazing, that’s what I usually do before I actually start writing. It helps me think, think about the outline of the story, so I can dig in a little bit more later. I think there are a few tips can help me in my writing, the first one is to do a brainstorm. My kind of brainstorm is more of a mental process than actual activities, it’s basically just me processing all the information I have in my mind, and try to relate my own experience to them. The second one is like what Murray says about the seven elements, I think about my subject, audience and form all that, see what I can put in or take out of my article, and if there are better words I can use. By checking those elements in my writings, I can see if I’m going to the wrong direction. Last but not least, I will stop a little while when I can’t think of anything to write. If I’m stuck, I’ll just take a break, do some other things, and then come back to work on it again. I know that if I force myself to write anything, the quality is going to be bad. So I would rather give myself some more time, than rushing out a crappy paper.


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