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  • Welcome to Jocelyn and Melissa!

  • The Fight Club is a very interesting novel written by Chuck Palahnik and was written in this kind of flash back or rewind style where we are introduced to a nameless narrator. In the beginning of the novel the […]

    • Great observations about the novel. I really like your analysis of the narrator’s namelessness. You hit on a lot of important themes in your analysis here: violence, consumerism, identity. You do a nice job of characterizing Tyler. And you include some mildly interesting speculation. 🙂

  • I wondered why is the title of this play called Glengarry Glen Ross. I thought it was because one of the characters was named this but it actually turns out it was named after a piece of land in flordia. This play […]

  • Here is another presentation on my favorite topic: gender! Previously I have discussed the lack of agency and the constraining effects of the gender binary of women in literature. At least in those stories, there […]

    • Very good analysis of gender in Glengarry Glen Ross. This play is all about masculinity. You make a good point about why it would be valuable to incorproate a woman into the play. However, it is also worth noting that this play is not a celebration of masculinity, but it is a critique of its toxicity. These men’s sense of themselves and their masculine identity is so caught up in their sales numbers that they are unable to define themselves in any other way. Their worth is reflected only in the number next to their names on the boards.

  • In scene two of Glengarry Glenross we are introduced to Arronow and Moss who both are struggling to make proper sales. Because being a salesman there is not much equal opportunity for growth. But Moss wants to […]

    • Good analysis of Roma. He does form a connection to Lingk to get him to buy the property. In many ways, it reads as a kind of seduction. At first, he is, I think, the most likable of these unlikable characters, but his true colors are revealed when his sales are threatened.

  • In scene two, there was an argument between Moss and Aaronow. As they were talking about their insufficient sales and complaining about their progress, Moss brought up an idea. The idea was to rob the office and […]

    • Yes, in a play full of thoroughly unlikable characters, Moss is the worst. He manipulates and blackmails Aaronow, who comes off as kind of hapless and hopeless. It is interesting how we then see Roma manipulates Lingk into a sale.

  • During the second half of the play, we were introduced to more characters. I enjoyed the second half of the play more than the first half of the play because it seemed like the storyline flowed better. During the […]

    • I understand that the use of so many curse words can be uncomfortable, but like you said, Mamet does have an artistic, character-based reason for using them. He uses the curse words as a way for the men in the play to assert their masculinities and sense of power. Good observations about the unfairness of this system. Do you think that Mamet is making a comment on capitalism in general?

  • During Act Two of Glengarry Glen Ross opens with the Real Estate office being run downed and trashed. This sales company that these men are working for are forcing their employees to compete against each other. […]

    • I like your use of the word “dangled” to describe the way in which the cadillac was being used to motivate the men. Mitch and Murray are really taking a carrot and stick approach. You also do a good job of analyzing the injustice and unfairness of the system. The salesmen are not given equal opportunity to succeed. It is definitely a rich get richer type system. Do you think this is reflective of our capitalist economic system?

  • Today in class,  my classmates and I dwelled onto scene two of “Glengarry Glen Ross”. Within this act there has been a shift of dynamics from the first act where the characters and there motives alike are […]

    • Great analysis of Roma. I like that you describe his interactions with Lingk as a performance, which helps to underline his disingenuousness. He is a better performer than most of the other men at the company, but he is motivated by the same greed. I’m not sure how far you have gotten in your reading, but be on the lookout for more ways in which Roma’s advice to Aaronow about telling the truth could be read as ironic.

  • Hi, I’m Jocelyn and I’m a health science major.


    In my early childhood, I felt that with my personality, the most optimal thing for me to be was an adult, and so from the age of six years old (also around the time I picked my career path) I longed to […]

    • Can you please copy this into a Google doc and repost it in the forum? It looks terrific here, but it is easier to suggest nuts and bolts on the doc.

  • For as long as I can remember, Humiliation has probably been one of my biggest fears. As silly as it sounds, I have a thing for being a people pleaser. Of course I’m aware of how far I need to go when it comes t […]

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