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Women’s Rights in India (Blog 10)

Posted on November 11, 2018

The topic of my essay is women’s rights in India. Of late many incidents seem to be cropping up which seem to be like a violation of basic human rights in India. Recently a lot of cases or rapes of not only women but also of young girls as small as the age of 5 of being raped.This has created an atmosphere of panic among the women. Many women are also made to reaffirm their choice of clothing. Another issue is that women are not allowed in certain religious as they are considered unholly. The reason I also wanted to throw light on how women are not allowed in certain religious places because while traveling I myself could’nt list certain temples and mosques. This made me feel a bit angry as I found it to be unjust as this tend’s to violate a human ’s right to freedom. Many women are also threatend that they would be killed if they entered the place. Another major issue faced especially by Muslim women face is that they are often divorced verbally without an official divorce or compensation which has led many women to be left alone to take care of their children. These problems existed in the Indian system since a very long time. However due to the lack of knowledge by the women of their rights they always tried to adjust and just live by the rules of the society. Today women finally have opened their eyes and are  trying to empower themselves by educating and living life the way they want. Despite laws being encforced recently  the society still seems to threaten the welfare of women and created a chaotic environment where the government seems to be doing nothing thus tieing the hands of women. The laws are there and are yet not there. The government should take strict action against the bystanders and provide safety whenever possible. The government should also make the punishments more severe.

I got to learn a lot about the Hindu and Muslim teachings. Sufficient research has led me to understand that these rules that are imposed on women in India has nothing to do with religion it is just due to the male dominating mentality that has caused people to impose unjust rules in the name of religion. And in a country where religion and culture are considered so important people tend blindly follow whatever their told due to the fear of being excluded from the society.


Picture Credits: The Times of India


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