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The Working Thesis (Blog 9)

Posted on November 11, 2018

While searching for the essay I had a fair bit ideas to what I wanted to write about. I thought that I would want to highlight an issue that was current in India as it was something related to my country. Many topics and issues came to my mind. The first topic that seemed to come to my mind was about women’s safety considering the fact that there has been an increase in the number of rape cases in India. Women’s safety is turning out to be a major issue. This issue is not only limited to women and teenagers but also small kids. However, I felt this issue is a far too common topic since I wanted to do something different.

The second topic that came to my mind was Women’s Menstrual Hygiene in India. Even today women in the villages seem to be using ragged clothes instead of sanitary napkins. Many women even use grass and various other stuff in the rural areas. This has led to a lot of women getting various kind of health issues such as infections which has also led to health issues and death. However, this topic didn’t seem like a debatable topic that really needed any kind of research on since the only motive of this essay would be to raise awareness and thus it would not be like a research as such.

The third topic that came to my Mind was Women’s Rights in India. The reason I chose this topic is because the recent issues that women are facing is not being allowed to enter into certain places of worship as they feel that women are unholy due to menstruation. This enabled me to link women rights to religion. There were also protests by Muslim women on “Triple Talak” where a husband could divorce his wife without any necessary reason by just saying “Talak Talak Talak” (basically saying Divorce thrice). This seemed to be unreasonable and caused a lot of problems to Muslim Women in the country. The reason I ended up picking this topic because not only was there a lot of things to research on, but it also covered up the point from the second topic that I came up with. I will also incorporate my first topic on women’s safety as safety is also a women’s right.


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