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Posted on September 4, 2018

I know this topic seems to be a bit weird for most of you present here but to all the International students like me out there, this is a blog that you must read. After so many years of being accustomed to the grading system in our home countries, it seems to be a bit difficult to adapt to a new system. Being from India the grading system in America is very different from home. As compared to the strict and rigid systems in India the American system of Education is far more flexible and caters to the potential task of learning.

The American system of education seems to have many small exams and activities that tend to add towards the final grade as compared to “the single sheet determines it all“ system in other countries. This statement in particular takes me back to the day in 10th grade where I was severely ill during a Final exam. However I was forced to take the test despite my condition or I would definitely fail the grade, despite scoring well in all my other papers. To sum it all that one exam affected my grade.

Another perk of being a part of the American Grading system is that your grades are not advertised publicly which proves to be discouraging to most students. Though there are a few people who also try to motivate themselves and overwork themselves to the point where they crack. This also undermines the learning process as most of the time people tend to move towards rote memorization for improving their grades.

The American Grading system at times even has the concept of Grading Based on the Curve which means that people who have similar points tend to get the same grade as compared to the system where even a point difference from another can get you a different grade.This tends to happen a lot in places where there is a strict grading rubric. I too came across one such incident in my life where I failed to get the scholarship in 7th grade due to a two point difference.

I hope you understand from my personal experiences that the American grading system seems to be a bit hard to adapt to at first but this is ultimately the best system of Education which promotes learning without creating much stress in a student’s life.

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