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The Story Of An Hour Review

Posted on January 23, 2018

In the Story of an hour it starts off with Mrs. Mallard having heart troubles. I actually read this last semester in my WRT 102 class so I am very familiar with this story. When i began reading this at first I thought she wasn’t going to make it very far…meaning death. The author introduces hints of the relationship between Mrs.Mallard and her husband. When she finds out that he is dead it it so strange to see her reaction. Yes she was upset, but there was more to it. She found joy for herself through his passing. It was something i’ve never seen any woman find joy in. This goes to show that she didn’t have the best relationship with her husband. It seems as if he is controlling( which is so not ok). Women are powerful and don’t deserve to be controlled by any man. Another vibe i got off their relationship is that she seemed scared of him. Scared to show her feelings, and scared to even tell her family what is going through her mind. Her sister sees her crying and thinks it’s because she is extremely depressed. She tries to lure her out the room so that she doesn’t get “ sick” but, in reality Mrs. Mallard longed to be free. She locked herself in that room to reflect on what her new life is going to be about. My real thought was that if the relationship is not great for you, to the point where you’re finding joy in your “loved ones” death then why not escape? Which brings me back to the scared comment. Although the author doesn’t give descriptive details on the inside of their relationship you can have an idea of what goes on. Here you have a Controlling man alongside a powerful woman. Both want to be in control but the man shuts the woman down before she can get a chance, and now she is too afraid to even say how she feels because she will get shut down at that moment as well. The most interesting part of the story was when Mrs.Mallard walks down stairs to find out that her husband is alive. She dies from” a joy that kills”. I believe they call it a joy because she took all that time imagining what her life would be like without her husband and when she found out he was alive she realized that everything she thought she would have, she wouldn’t be able to anymore because her controlling husband is alive. I do enjoy this story, and reading it a second time made me have a better understanding of what is going on and hidden messages as well. I wish there was a story to view Mr.Mallards point of view. That would be interesting to see.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    Good discussion of “A Story of an Hour.” I like that you are considering the role of gender in the story and the ways in which, as a woman, Louise Mallard might feel constrained by marriage. It might also be helpful, though, to consider it from a historical context. Today women can (and should) leave an unhappy marriage. In 1894, when Chopin was writing, did they have the same opportunities? Nice analysis of the story’s final line.

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