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Hell part 2

Posted on December 5, 2017

About a week ago the presidential elections in Honduras took place. The current president of Honduras is literally the worst president of all times. He didn’t do anything good for Honduras. The crimes didn’t decreased, they increased. Bodies are getting dropped in every street and the police doesn’t do anything. The poverty in Honduras increase by a lot. In every street there are kids asking for money. They are not even in school because their family don’t the money to pay for their uniforms. These kids only have two options: Starve to death or become gangster and killers. 12, 13,14,15,16,17 years becoming killers. It’s sad really sad. It’s incredible how he has the balls to run again for president again. In Honduras it’s  illegal to run for president twice, but guess what he doesn’t care about the breaking the rules. Like I was saying the elections happened and there were two candidates that were at the top: THe current president Juan Orlando and the runner-up Salvador Nasralla. You might be asking yourself why is the current president at the top when he was so bad? Well, the people in Honduras are that stupid. He literally paid the low class some money and in exchange the low class voted for him. Delusional people. Plus, When he saw he was losing he cheated and members of his party were giving fake identifications and making people under 18 vote for him. On the other side there some smart people that voted for a better future. They hate the actual president and want Honduras to grow and become a better country. After the first day, The runner-up was winning by 5% and The TSE (the people that control the voting) declared him the winner. But the current government is so corrupted that the next day the TSE said that everything could happen and change the results. After a week of counting votes (A WEEK!!) out of nowhere he current president surpassed the runner-up. Something definitely happened in the inside, Obviously some corruption. After posting this results, The country started a whole revolution. The country is literally on fire. Protest in Honduras isn’t as peaceful. They burning buses, they stealing from supermarkets. They destroying everything in their way. Everything is literally close in Honduras. They even blocking highways and making them leave their cars and walk home. There is no limit in Honduras. People are also dying. There is a video of an innocent 9 year old kid that got shot and die by protesters.  A 9-YEAR-OLD KID!!! I couldn’t resist myself and tear came out but at the same time I thought of all my family in Honduras. Especially my mom. These past days have been hell in Honduras. I can’t stop thinking about her safety. We can’t bring her to the U.S  because the streets are taken. Stress just accumulates. There are too many things to worry about. Finals, My mom safety and health. All I can do is to hope for the best.


  1. meinchen

    Wow, I honestly did not know any of this that has happened in Honduras. While reading this,I am actually tearing up because i feel the pain. Innocent people are just getting killed, and children too. I really cannot believe. What kind of person can be so heartless and just do wrong for the whole country? I am so shocked and speechless. I am so sorry about your mom’s situation. I just hope your mom and your family in honduras is safe. I really hate that the world has places like this, and that no one can step into help. This is just really sad. This is really just messed up. Again, I hope the best for you and your family.

  2. Jessica Hautsch

    Thanks for sharing this, Cesar. I tend to become so caught up in the things happening in our country that it becomes difficult to see outside our boards. Thanks for reminding us of the suffering faced by people in other parts of world.


    Damn, didn’t know you had that to worry about along with all the other stuff around right. I never in a situation like that so I can’t really say I relate, I can only relate with the work and the finals. But the what I will say is to try not to let that effect you. This semester is almost done, don’t drop the ball now.

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