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I’m lost

Posted on November 7, 2017

Oh man, life is a struggle. The past week one of the most stressful weeks and the future weeks don’t look too good. Midterms are killing me. I feel there are midterms every week. There are no breaks. Last week I had two midterms, this week I have one, next week I have two. The week after that I have a part I finals. On top of that, I have projects and essays due. Everything is piling up and the stress levels are reaching the top. It’s really hard to handle all this pressure. I have an essay due next week but I completely forgot the purpose of the essay. I know is an art analysis essay but after that, I don’t know anything. Everyone in the class has an image or film. Last week the blogs were supposed to be about the image or film we used for the essay; I completely forgot we had a blog due and didn’t do it. We the stress of the midterms I didn’t do anything. We had four weeks to finish this essay, but procrastination is a bitch. I only have an idea for the film I’m using. Game of Thrones: the battle of the bastards. There are a lot of things happening in this episode. The camera angles, the colors, and the actions. I know all of this but I don’t know what I should do with it. In today’s meeting with my professor, I hope to get a better understanding of the essay. All this work is getting overwhelming. I think it’s time for the all-nighters to comeback.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    I am really looking forward to reading your “Battle of the Bastards” essay! I hope our meeting helped, but I think that focusing on the camera angles, the colors, and the composition of scenes is a great idea. Think about what effect all of this has on the viewer. Why was it filmed in that particular way? What was the director trying to accomplish?

  2. Kaelan Charles

    I feel the same Mr. Barahona. It’s getting harder to keep track of what is due and what I need to work on at the moment as time goes on this semester. One day you’re working on one thing, then all of a sudden you realize something else is due right after, then you realize that there’s another thing due tomorrow, then you realize there’s an essay due in 3 days, etc. We’re all in this together Mr. Barahona. Good luck in the future Mr. Barahona.

  3. meinchen

    Hey, I can totally relate to you. These midterms and projects are killing me too. They seem to just pile up on each other and comes faster than ever. I remember when taking midterm 1 and that was really stressful. I procrastinate all the time, and I know that it is really just hard to plan everything out and do everything beforehand. I understand that the stress levels are piling up, but its okay, its not just happening to you, it happens to everyone. I am the type of person to stress out on everything and I try to not, but that is just not realistic. I just hope that your first semester gets better and less stressful. I believe in you, you will do great.

  4. Armida Rivera

    The struggle is real! I have been stressing out because my midterms are just …I do not even know how to describe it but I know it can be really frustrating. But just remember, in a few weeks you will be okay, relaxing and sleeping! Just keep going because it is worth!


    I can completely agree with you on this one about how stressful things are getting. Everything is starting to jump on us all at once and this is where time management is everything. We only have to persevere for a couple more weeks and then we’ll be through the storm.

  6. ariarodrigue

    Oh god I feel you on this one. This week has been rough and overwhelming with the amount of work that has needed to get done. Everything is happening all at once but I have faith that you’ll be able to work through. If you could do the eop summer you can do this

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