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Posted on September 12, 2017


I’m here to talk about my addiction to video games. I don’t know if those days were good or bad. I started playing when I was 8-9 years old. My first console was a Gamecube. Oh man, those days were fun. We had Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart. I used to play with my neighbors and we used to stay up all night. There were nights where my mom used to wake up and beat me because I normally had school the next day and she wasn’t with it.  Those two games were enough for me to start getting addicted to video games. But, after a little of having the GAMECUBE, someone stole it. During this time I lived in Honduras, one of the dangerous countries in the world. It was normal for people to get robbed. But my GAMECUBE, DAMN!! I remember being depressed for a long time. Until my dad got tired of seeing depressed and bought me a PSP. I came back to life. I was playing with my PSP 24/7. I couldn’t stop for anything. Only one thing was able to stop me, a thief. Someone stole PSP too. There I go again back in my depression. I waited 3-4 years for my next console. But First moved to the moved to the United States to get my console. I got the Xbox 360, I was smiling at every moment. When I came to the U.S I didn’t know any English, which means I didn’t have any friends. I only had Video Games. Video Games became my friends. I used to play Call Of Duty mainly. It was an addiction that I couldn’t stop. I didn’t know how to stop. I knew something was wrong with me because I played video games too much. I learned English, but I still didn’t have any friends. It was too much. I played every hour. I played every day. I played while doing homework. I played during family time. I played during breakfast. I played during lunch. I played during dinner. I played while my eyes were crying. I played in my sleep. I played for money. I played as a hobby. I played just to get out of reality. I had a lot of fun playing video games, but I ain’t a kid anymore. I’m in Stony Brook and I came here to be someone.


  1. jjmatthews

    Well as your roommate I’ve peeped you looking at gaming videos on youtube and it seems pretty cool.I see that you take a liking to FIFA and combat games. Hearing your story it’s a little different than others cause some people just play games to pass time and in some ways passing time results in missing out on the thing in their lives but you used it as a way to express yourself and as a way of therapy. I remember the first time I got a console was my first Christmas in America it was a PlayStation 1 and I didn’t notice but now I think about it, but let’s just say I was behind


    I relate to you 100%. I honestly have the same problem and the same story. I got my game cube when I was about eight and I played with it as much time as I can. Then I was introduced to the Xbox 360 about 3 years later. I thought that it was so cool since the graphics and the effects were so much better than the Gamecube so I was instantly hooked. So I can definitely hear where you’re coming from.


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