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  • About a week ago the presidential elections in Honduras took place. The current president of Honduras is literally the worst president of all times. He didn’t do anything good for Honduras. The crimes didn’t dec […]

    • Thanks for sharing this, Cesar. I tend to become so caught up in the things happening in our country that it becomes difficult to see outside our boards. Thanks for reminding us of the suffering faced by people in other parts of world.

  • Cesar wrote a new post, Hell 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    The end of the semester is around the corner. Which means deadlines and finals are really close. The levels of stress are at their highest. A lot of people are failing their classes and their last hope are final […]

    • I really like your line “All I think about now is work, work, work, and work. ” That is a really effective use of repetition to show (not just tell) how much time you are spending working. Very nicely done. Life will definitely get more stressful (and consist of even more work) over the next few weeks, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel for you. And we get a nice long break.

    • I hope you know you aren’t the only person feeling this way. I feel the same exact way. Finals are really my only options I really have left. Especially for Psych and Chemistry. I am really hoping for curves that will change my failing grades to B’s. I mean hopefully we have our miracles to help us actually pass this semester. Good luck to you though.

    • Same here, the upcoming exams and crap are making me have to pick which assignments are worth the most points and leaving out other small assignments on purpose just to focus more on the bigger assignments/exams and success for finals. I need sleep.

  • Oh man, life is a struggle. The past week one of the most stressful weeks and the future weeks don’t look too good. Midterms are killing me. I feel there are midterms every week. There are no breaks. Last week I h […]

    • I am really looking forward to reading your “Battle of the Bastards” essay! I hope our meeting helped, but I think that focusing on the camera angles, the colors, and the composition of scenes is a great idea. Think about what effect all of this has on the viewer. Why was it filmed in that particular way? What was the director trying to accomplish?

    • I feel the same Mr. Barahona. It’s getting harder to keep track of what is due and what I need to work on at the moment as time goes on this semester. One day you’re working on one thing, then all of a sudden you realize something else is due right after, then you realize that there’s another thing due tomorrow, then you realize there’s an essay due in 3 days, etc. We’re all in this together Mr. Barahona. Good luck in the future Mr. Barahona.

    • The struggle is real! I have been stressing out because my midterms are just …I do not even know how to describe it but I know it can be really frustrating. But just remember, in a few weeks you will be okay, relaxing and sleeping! Just keep going because it is worth!

  • Dark times

    There are dark times and good times in life. Let’s talk about a dark one.(This might be nasty) My family business was to sell small shops product. It is a big business in Honduras and dangerous o […]

    • Reading this just made me react like “Damn”, I cant believe that happened to you or your family but I am glad you guys made it out alive and you guys are safer now. But I definitely understand, I got robbed once before. I was followed into my building, but I wasn’t aware because we usually always had random in the buildings for drugs. It was bad. But I was followed with a hand covering my mouth and dragged down the steps and thrown down on the ground, all just for a cell phone. As a female in the city, you think that isn’t the only intention guys have so I was extremely scared for my life. But I am glad he’s alive and well.

  • Cesar wrote a new post, Hey 10 months ago

    Just go

    Honduras might be the most dangerous countries in the world, but it’s worth visiting. I’m a Honduran who spent 13 years of his life in Honduras. Living there might be fun sometimes, but visiting its w […]

  • Cesar wrote a new post, Lifestyle 10 months ago


    College life is a great experience. You are able to control your life. No one is here to tell you things. You are free. You have responsibilities. It’s a different lifestyle. It doesn’t compare to hom […]

    • The freedom that comes with going away to school is one of the reasons why the transition can be so difficult for students. You have more freedom, but you also have more responsibilities and it is now up to you to self-regulate. It is good that although you have this freedom, you are imposing limits on yourself.

  • Let’s talk about my soccer experience. Nah, let’s call it futbol, the real futbol. I’m from Honduras, a place where the sport that plays the most is futbol. I started to play futbol when I was maybe 5 years old. […]

    • I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your family. That sounds terrifying, and I could see how soccer (I mean football) would have to take a back seat to your family’s grief and safety. It sounds like a very put-away-childish-things moment for you, and at a very young age.

    • I love your post because I can really relate to what you’re saying. When I came to this country all I heard was “YOO lets go play some soccer”. In my head I said WTF if soccer? I really didn’t know what this was about because in Peru it was known as Futbol. The real sport . I am really sad about all the sadness that has fallen upon your family and I would like to commend you for always keeping a positive attitude towards life. A job well done. My condolences reach out to your family even though this wasn’t as recent.

  • Hello!!

    I’m here to talk about my addiction to video games. I don’t know if those days were good or bad. I started playing when I was 8-9 years old. My first console was a Gamecube. Oh man, those days were fun […]

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