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Blog 4/16

Posted on April 16, 2018

After reading Act I of the play I was immediately able to compare the play to the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. It was the amount of times I read the work fuck in Act I that reminded me of the movie. Leo uses fuck in that movie so dang much that it just turned into something hilarious when it was said. Similarly, in the play, they use fuck like it’s normal to use that in their working environment. It was also the idea of grabbing the two balls and using that as a metaphor to how a salesman should work that also connected the movie and the play and also the use of the car. In one part of the movie, Leo even tells the cop to go back home in the shitty subway while he travels in his yacht.

This was all before we even discussed Act I in class. That’s why when we watched that certain part of the movie in class I was like “yo that’s crazy…” in my head.

In Act II things start to get a bit dramatic. With the scene beginning with an investigation on the robbery that occurred it was clear to me who did it. But it kind of had me hooked what was going to happen next in the rest of the Act. Although I do have a better understanding of what is going on in the play, I still feel that watching the film gives me a better understanding because it shows more expressions on faces. Also, it’s how they say their lines that make me understand or see what they really mean. Sometimes they’re trying to be sarcastic and you can’t really see that when you’re reading their lines in the book.

But overall I like the play and where it is going. I am a business major and if the business world is going to be something like that, I am so for that. Like, let’s fucking go! Can’t wait to be fucking rich.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    I really hope that the business environment you go into is not nearly as toxic as the one in this play and in The Wolf of Wall Street. It might look like fun, especially the latter, but we know that Jordon Belfort ends up in a pretty dark place (and jail). I’m not sure that he is someone to emulate. The men in Glengary Glen Ross are no better.

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