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Waiting for The Barbarians Ch.5 & 6

Posted on February 26, 2018

This book can sometimes be so difficult to read for me. There are some things that I have to reread a couple of times and sometimes even analyze it before I continue reading in order to understand what the author is saying. But Chapter 5 in the book really does continue to be much of the same with the Mandel. He does not change his ways as he treats the barbarian people. When the magistrate wonders about how someone can do such things and continue to live on the rest of their lives this way. It has me thinking the same way. Like sometimes I even pause and think, like what if this was actually true back in the day. Like if people actually did that stuff.

This weekend I had gone to see the latest Marvel movie, Black Panther, and in this movie, you see how the people from Wakanda are seen by the rest of the world as a third world nation that has nothing to provide to the rest of the world. They are seen as poor and useless. This was all because of their tradition to hide some of their most valuable items from the rest of the world and keep all the advancements to themselves. But this isn’t true because the people in Wakanda are far beyond a third world nation and they are very rich.

In the book, we only know the side of the barbarians that the Mandel has us visualize. We see all of the bad things that they have done like the rape, the robberies, and the over-consumption of alcohol. But it that really all they have to offer? I don’t think so. They definitely have more history, and something more valuable that they can be seen for the better and not for worse.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    This book can be a challenging read–I hope that our conversations in class have helped to elucidate it a bit. Great connection to Black Panther. It is true that all of the information that we have about the barbarians comes from the empire, and it doesn’t seem like they really understand (or care to understand) the barbarians at all.

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