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  • After a long semester of writing papers I felt that the final paper was  both entertaining and easier to write than the essays prior. I found it entertaining because we were able to put our imaginations into the […]

    • I’m glad that you found the skits and the paper an engaging and worthwhile cap to the semester. And I am glad to hear that it wasn’t too overwhelming. Your group’s practical effects were really well done. How did you come up with the idea for your skit? Thanks for a great semester.

  • After watching a movie a couple of times you really catch certain things that you might have missed when you watched it for the first time. Watching Get Out for a third time in class, I noticed more things in the […]

    • Good observations about the film. I think that it is definitely a film that reward rewatching. This was the fifth or sixth time that I’ve viewed it, and I keep picking up on new things. I would love to hear more about some of the connections that you made to other texts.

  • When I first started reading this play, I was completely excited to go out into the business world, because of how much I compared this play to the Wolf of Wall Street. They’re just rich people and they do w […]

  • caalvarado wrote a new post, Blog 4/16 3 months ago

    After reading Act I of the play I was immediately able to compare the play to the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. It was the amount of times I read the work fuck in Act I that reminded me of the movie. Leo uses […]

    • I really hope that the business environment you go into is not nearly as toxic as the one in this play and in The Wolf of Wall Street. It might look like fun, especially the latter, but we know that Jordon Belfort ends up in a pretty dark place (and jail). I’m not sure that he is someone to emulate. The men in Glengary Glen Ross are no better.

  • In the story “The Standard of Living” I found it hard to understand. Personally I also found it too long in comparison to “The Lesson” it was short but a lot to understand as well. I found that in the reading […]

    • “Those kids were looking at prices of certain items, toys, somethings that they couldn’t afford. ” I really like this sentence, because it gets to the heart of the story. “The Lesson” does seem to be interested in the difference between cost and value, and the fact that those two things often don’t align.

  • On Friday I had watched for the first time the video of the killing of an African American named Philando Castile. Who was shot by a police officer from Minnesota 4 times in front of his family. Obviously, this […]

    • I like that you connect these readings to our conversations from last week. Good discussion of the stereotypes associated with different ethnic groups and how they promote discrimination and prejudice. As you note, there is still a lot of progress to be made in these areas.

  • Every time I read something new about the history of slavery, Jim Crow laws, etc. in our country and how these African Americans once lived in the U.S., it never fails to shock me on how white people used to treat […]

    • The fact the Wright’s story is autobiographical makes an already difficult subject matter even more so. This was what the experience of people of color was like. As you note, we have a come a long way, although not nearly as far as we might hope. Good discussion of language, and the ways in which it was used to oppress people.

  • This book can sometimes be so difficult to read for me. There are some things that I have to reread a couple of times and sometimes even analyze it before I continue reading in order to understand what the author […]

    • This book can be a challenging read–I hope that our conversations in class have helped to elucidate it a bit. Great connection to Black Panther. It is true that all of the information that we have about the barbarians comes from the empire, and it doesn’t seem like they really understand (or care to understand) the barbarians at all.

  • Y The Last Man, to me, was exciting to read throughout the entire graphic novel. Every time I opened the book to read, I learned something new about the story. Yorick’s adventures throughout the novel, to me, s […]

    • Great observation about the sexual politics in this novel. We might expect that Yorick would enjoy having sex with as many women as possible, when in reality that prospect is presented as almost horrific. The Amazons don’t make a whole lot of sense in terms of long term survival. Some women, I guess, just want to see the world burn.

  • This graphic novel I found it so interesting to read and throughout the whole reading, the story really has you wondering what in the world could or would happen next. At least that’s how I felt throughout most o […]

    • The structure of this narrative can be a bit confusing and difficult to follow, but hopefully it started to make more sense. Try to include a bit more analysis in these posts. What are the implications, for example, of the fact that government (and many other institutions) are disproportionately dominated by men.

  • The Story of An Hour was a bit confusing for me to understand at first but when I reread the text over again I understood the story a bit more. What I found confusing about the text was the plot twist. I was like […]

    • Your response to Louise Mallard’s reaction to her husband’s death is not uncommon, and we will definitely interrogate it a bit in class. There is also definitely a good deal of irony that at the end the role of husband and wife are reserved and she ends up dead while he is alive. What do you think actually kills her?


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