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The Journey towards self discovery

Posted on March 19, 2018

These were some heavy readings. Alexie was an incredibly proud kid right from the start, his self worth is at an absolute all time high which is extremely admirable for a kid his age. The milestones in his life speak volumes as to how resilient this kid will always be long after he’s grown up. He’s embodies the responsibility and action I wish I could say kids in school today still take when confronted with tough character building situations but don’t. He approached each character building moment with a clear mind and came out on top each time. This story is one in where he’s successful in achieving his adolescence.

Fish Cheeks by Amy Tan I’ll be honest I already read in AIM 102, but the lesson and tenderness of it all still makes me smile whenever I read it. I actually know somebody who would where a mini skirt in beige tweed and reading this reminds me of that person. They always knew how to dress but much the same like this story they had no shame from the beginning of it all. My favorite line from this story is no doubt “Your shame is to have shame”. That lesson was something I couldn’t possibly help but smile at because it’s true. We often spend too much time thinking about what other people think of us. We need to take a step back and take pride in our differences always.

Never marry a Mexican. I am still at a loss of words for how crazy this chick is. Like I’m Mexican and she scares me man. But in all seriousness it was a strange mix of emotions I felt reading this, sometimes I’m rooting for her but then I realize I’m rooting for her own self destruction. That’s not something I’d like to back up. She takes pride in ruining this naive white woman’s marriage but quite frankly it’s so self harmful toward herself. I don’t know if she’s sleeping with the man half the time because she loves him or just to get back the white woman he’s married too. Her talk about how she perceives men is also tragic. They all disappointed her which just has to be the worst. “Better not to marry than to live a lie”, one of the realest things I’ve read in a while in regards to why so many people I see get divorced in life. Live to love and love to live man.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    Good discussion of “Never Marry a Mexican.” Clemencia is an unreliable narrator and her actions are often a combination of vindictiveness and self-destruction. She has been disappointed by the men she has dated, but it is worth considering whom she has chosen to date: married men who are cheating on their wives. There might be something of a self-fulfilling prophecy going on here.

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