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Family Dynamics

Posted on February 3, 2018

Volume 2 of The Last Man touches upon the social dynamics that humans at the brink of extinction choose to hold on too and those they choose to brush aside. The following can be seen in the juxtaposition of the siblings Yorick and Hero. Following the instances in which Victoria proceeds to beat Hero, she manages to manipulate her and turn her against her brother. Hero submits and unknowingly throws away the social dynamic that we carry in society of always looking out for your family. Whether they be someone you don’t quite get along with so well society insists that we as a race should always do our best to stay connected and in contact with those we are related to. Hero’s actions to willingly do so stem from a traumatized state of mind and brain washing at the hands of Victoria which isn’t entirely her fault as she sees no other alternative in such a fractured reality. It speaks volumes as to what she’s had to come to terms with within herself to be so willing to please her leader Victoria. Yorick however juxtaposes that ideal and although being the more childish of two siblings keeps it strong even in the face of eminent danger. He does so by staying grounded during the moments after Hero demonstrates just how far gone she truly is by shooting the only other woman on Earth that understood Yorick. His decision to lower the gun after witnessing his sister execute another person and spew all the nonsense Victoria taught her demonstrates just how strongly he still holds the family dynamic close to heart. He could’ve easily chosen to pull the trigger but in light of it all still shows that his sister will always still be someone he looked up too. Perhaps the most heartbreaking moment of the entire volume stems from the line “Dad always liked you best”, because it shows just how much he was thinking about his life with his family before the world nearly came to an end. Hero demonstrates it too but does it because she wants to incite anger in Yorick to kill her, not because she chooses to remember him as a loving brother. The second volume used these two characters really well, developing them at each turn and ultimately using them as a prime example of what can truly be lost near the end of the world. 


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    As we will talk about in class, the Amazons functions as a kind of a cult, and it is not uncommon for cults to cut people off from other bonds (like family). I agree that Yorick’s decision not to kill Hero is a really important point in his character development: it shows the kind of man he has grown into.

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