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  • I have been moving around since I was 4 years old. At the age of 4 my family moved from New Rochelle to Rye. I attended Rye schools from kindergarten to 6th grade. I made so many friends and felt so comfortable. […]

  • sn’t it strange and amazing how humans continue to make strides technologically? These past 100 years alone are overwhelming. The contributions from Tesla and Einstein set up a technological age which caused […]

  • Hello!

    Welcome to the second post of my blog! In this blog I would like to empty out my brain on a controversial topic. At the moment I feel like I don’t have a political identity. There has not been a term […]

    • I don’t think that your position is that unusually. Most people hold a combination of liberal and conservative ideas. But, as you note, because of the pressures of tribalism, we feel forced to join a team. It has become very difficult to have political discussions because we have become so polarized, which is a shame: our system works best when we discuss ideas. Thanks for getting a conversation started.

  • Hello!


    This is my first blog and my name is Brandon Santos. It feels rather odd introducing myself through a blog, but I guess that’s the point. At the moment I am conflicted about my major. Currently I am […]

    • Hey man, i feel like you should pursue what you want to do because It seems like you feel more inclined to go study astro physics. To me both of the majors are complicated haha. But i think that you should weigh both of your cons and your pros and you should see which one weighs more. I think that you will find it soon, Goodluck.


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