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The Benefits of Word Vomiting

Posted on February 12, 2019

Transferring one’s thoughts to paper can be rather challenging in all forms of writing. Whether it be writing for pleasure or for academic and business reasons, no matter how articulate someone may be, one should always compose drafts of the writing before turning in the “final product”.

In regards to today’s readings, the authors have showcased the value in having a, if not many, rough drafts. While we might desire perfection in our writing in our first attempts, The authors emphasized that first drafts will be disappointing. No one should compose a perfect piece on their first try but should rather search for ways to further improve their writings purpose. In regards to my own writing I feel that these essays have exposed three valuable, if not more, tips for bettering my own writing in this class and beyond.

First, as we discussed in class as well, audience is a key factor one should be thinking of when in the writing process. You wouldn’t speak casually in a thesis paper, nor should you shun a particular section of your audience in your writing. As Murray puts it, the main purpose of writing is “communication” and if audience is not considered you may stray away from promoting your writings purpose.

In addition to audience, two other important qualities for writing deals with rereading ones first draft. Typically for me I normally would skim through my rough draft mostly for grammatical errors rather than looking at the dimensions to my papers format or whether or not all fo the writing was necessary. I hope that in my future writing for this class my final papers are more definitively me and expose the true purpose behind my ideas.


  1. hmccloskey

    Your title really catches the eye and your introduction is easy to relate to. I like how you qualify each tip with an argument explaining why it makes sense. Personally, I always found it difficult to do do more with my first draft than correct the grammar as you said, but I would also like to improve this skill. I think we can do it!

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