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The Poverty Line

Posted on April 19, 2017

Scene two of this play, is significant in how it is told. The beginning of the scene its Moss a struggling salesman and Aranow talking. Moss is trying to convince Arrow to break into where they work and steal all the leads. Moss was so convincing of his plan, that Aranow eventually did it. The scene helps us understand as readers what struggle can do to a person. Someone like the salesman always commit a crime in order to be able to survive. Let think about it would either of these characters keep there job if they hadn’t stole those leads. We also should think about what is going to happen when people find out that they are the ones that stole it. This scene is so interesting because it makes us think of how tight of a spot these two characters are in. Whatever choice they make is going to affect anything that they are involved with.

This scene can easily be connected to everything that happens in the real world. If we truly think about it the system that we have created in the United States is meant to have a loser and a winner. The winner prosper of course, but only a small few of them. That’s why the united states always is dealing with the problem of only having one percent of the population holding all of the wealth of the country. This causes a big group of people to be the losers. Being the loser in this country can come with many problems and poverty is a the main problem.

Poverty while it’s very humbling, can cause major problems within the community. Violence, gangs, drugs, and crime are a few of the problems that are usually associated with poverty. People turn to these things in order to survive the position that they believe they are stuck in. That’s why most people end up selling drugs or robbing others because they feel like they have no option. And I honestly don’t blame them because that’s the mindset that they are raised in. For example, I come from a really small neighborhood in the Dominican Republic. My families was one of the fortunate ones to have someone that lived in the United States. That gave me an advantage over all of the other little kids. As I grew older and also came to this country people started to realize that I had the potential to move in classes. If it wasn’t for me having an upper hand I would be stuck like the rest of them.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    Very good analysis. Like the company in this play, the United States economic system is set up so that there are definite winners and losers. And when you are living in a system that is inherently unfair, can you ask people to play by the rules? You make some good points about the fact that opportunity is not equally distributed, which we certainly see play out in the drama.


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