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Y: The last man Blog post #2

Posted on July 13, 2017

After reading the first 130 pages of  “ Y: the last man” I honestly couldn’t wait to read the rest. The journey out of Boston kicks off with Yorick finally doing something resourceful. He trades the motorcycle he found for a ride on a passing train. The motorcycle seemed to have a deep sentimental value to the woman in charge. She said it looked exactly like a motorcycle her boyfriend used to have. With that him, Dr. Mann, and 355 were able to ride in a train full of pigs… Cut to Boston’s Fenway Park, Hero is throwing hands with another amazon that apparently looked at her the wrong way. Victoria is confused as to why hero has been moody since Connecticut. She insinuates that its because yorick got away and they have no idea of his whereabouts. But what has Hero so shaken up is the fact that she just committed a murder. Victoria romanticizes the idea of murder as a duty that must be done for the greater good of their beliefs. Despite the girl being innocent she shows no mercy and no remorse even for her own fellow gender. For someone who claims to be the superior gender, she sure has no problem seeing one of her own die. Now back to the moving train they are under attack and Yorick of course wanted to be the hero of the day and took them on by himself. Him and the monkey ultimately get kicked out of the moving train. This isn’t the first time he undermines 355 and tries to overtake her duties. Its as if he doesn’t like the idea of a woman defending him while he stays back in fear doing nothing. Either that or he is just that dumb to always get into trouble. Dr.Mann and 355 are forced to jump off the train after Yorick is thrown off. 355 and Dr.Mann jump off to but 355 lands on a rock and is unconscious. Yorick arrives to Marrisville where he meets Sonia. They kind of have a connection right from the get go. But I notice yorick tries to cover up that chemistry he has with sonia because of beth. The revelation that marrisville is home to a bunch of fugitives surprised me. I had insulated that they had been the reason for the extinction of men. I also found Yorick’s reaction a little extra, the way he was so quick to shift his attitude towards the women of marrisvile. The ending was unsatisfying to say the least. Does this mean there are more men? Were they ALL in space? so many unanswered questions.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    I really like that you point to some of the contradictions in Victoria’s logic. Of course, she would justify the murder by suggesting that the woman was supporting the patriarchy, but such reasoning doesn’t quite work. As is true of much of what Victoria says, it is based on faulty logic.
    Great observation about Yorick and his attempts to fulfill the “masculine” role of protector, even though 355 is clearly much more competent.


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