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Posted on December 6, 2017

Being a student athlete means that we live a different life than the rest of our fellow classmates and that necessary isn’t a bad thing, actually it’s pretty awesome. We have the ability to perform at a leave that others could only dream of, we are at the top of the totem pole in the athlete world and need to embrace it. Being a student athlete comes with many demands, we are of course student first and academics take priority we are subject to the same workload any other college student gets and we get stressed as well but not only do we have to keep up in the classroom but we have to keep up in our sport as well. We are subject to high expectations, we lack sleep and a social life just so we can perform our best. This can get tough when it comes to balancing both, most of us fail at this over and over again, we want to give up, we just want it to be over somethings but we all know too well that it’s not always that simple. Giving up isn’t the way out it isn’t the right road to take and let me tell you why.


I know every single one of you know of Michael Jordan and all of you know how successful his basketball career had been, he’s  fourth highest scoring player in NBA history and is a millionaire. He is the epitome of success, but it wasn’t always that way for him. At one point Jordan encountered failure, actually at several points. Early on in his career he had many failures, he was cut from his high school team, right at the point he could have been done, he could have given up, but guess what.. He didn’t.  He pushed through and trusted the process, he knew that if he pushed past this obstacle he would get somewhere and he did. If we all strive to be like him we get get somewhere. All you have to do is push and trust, that simple. You start off by trusting the process,


Trust that the stress your body is under will end, because it will.

Trust that what seem like neverending practice is being given to help you.

Trust your coach, they may seem crazy but know that your best intentions are always in mind

Trust that you will go, you will complete, you will win

Trust the process

Trust that your long night studying will be rewarded with good grades

Trust that your early morning and late nights will pay off

Trust that one day the morning sun will smile down at you and say good job

Trust that those friends you haven’t seen in weeks understand you and your busy schedule

Trust in those around you for support

Trust the process because you may think you’re failing but everyone has a plan and i promise you no one’s plan ends with failure, yes failure will occur it happens in even the best but if you tryst and keep pushing through there will only be success in your future.


  1. kazi

    I really like the name of the post, and I’m not a student athletes or anything but I do know that there is a lot of dedication and stress that goes into becoming one because you have to focus of the work from professors and your games, so I believe that the trusts process that you put out solves a lot of difficulties of athletes, and it’s great to see that you know what to do and how to avoid stress.

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