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Im a mess!!! 🙂

Posted on November 11, 2017

Hello all, finals are approaching and it’s so tiring!!!!!! I have studied so much, i think i’m just not a good test taker. It’s okay i do well in everything else like homeworks lol. I got a surprise visit this weekend. It was so nice i did not expect it at all. We went to the mall and shopped. I love this weather, it’s just so lovable. He complained the whole time because he hates the cold. I must say it was a bit cold like 30 degrees but yeahhh. Again i did not pick up a book this weekend, until tonight. We attempted to go to the girls basketball game but we thought of the walk there and changed our mind. I’m starting a new job on Sunday. It’s my first day and im training. So basically i will be contacting alumni and asking them if they could fund any scholarships etc. The application process was so funny and cute. I had to call this number which  led to an operator. Then i had to read a script that was given through email. It was like “hello mr.jones, i’ve noticed you haven’t been back to stony brook since 1985, any reason why? I wanted to ask if  we can count on a $150 deductible gift. Something along those lines lol. It was so funny, carla laughed the whole time, it almost broke me out of character. She’s so silly. So i’ve noticed how much i borrow from West side dining. So happens i always take napkins when i’m there and forks, spoons, cups lol. It’s kinda funny. I had a cheat day today and i’m ashamed. I ate dominoes for the first time in like 2 months. It was so good 🙁 I love cheese so much. Yum yum yum. I will be working out all week super hard 🙁 i should not have ate four slices. Its okay ill just workout.



    This post is so relatable I have been stressing out over the thought of finals, but at least you are finding ways to de-stress by going out and chilling with friends. I did not even know the girls basketball games started. It’s good that you have such healthy habits, I wish I did.

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