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Posted on September 10, 2017

This weekend was pretty crazy. I had a visitor and they stood over from friday afternoon until sunday morning. I was not expecting such a long visit but it was greatly appreciated. We stayed in for most of the time. We watched movies, listened to music, ate, ate, and did some more eating. I pigged out this weekend, which means i’ll be hitting the gym hard starting tomorrow morning. I’m not trying to be another victim to the freshman 15. Not I!!!!

Anyways, we got bored a little last night and we didn’t know what to do. Being that they have never been here i had to come up with the plans. There was a carnival going on at wolfie land but we have both been to countless carnivals and we didn’t want to be in such a big crowd, especially not so late at night. So we started walking around campus. I’m a new hire for the tour guide on campus so i decided i’ll put my talking points into play while showing him around campus. I was not taken serious because we would both laugh at how hard i was trying to sound like i knew the campus any better than he did being that it is only the third week of school. However i continued. I started making things up just to make my “tour” sound more interesting. He caught my lies and it just led to more laughter.

As we walked from the west side to the east side of campus, we encounter the staller steps. I mentioned how it would be nice to have a blanket and just listen to music there with friends would be nice. We sat down on the steps and just looked into the sky. It was so peaceful and such a pretty sight. To kill the silence i started playing music and being that it was on shuffle some bachata came up. I had promised him countless times i’ll teach him how to dance but every time i tried i would laugh at how stiff his hips were. He had to be the worst dancer ever. So as promised i taught him!!!! He’s not the best but he’s better than he was before. We laughed and danced until i was out of breathe (freshman 15 hitting). We headed back to my room and made jokes on the way back listening to the crickets as we walked.


  1. carla sena

    Aww Alyssa, This is so sweet! I love how you decided to take him outside to practice your tour guiding skills. I would also be nervous and giggly if I had to give a tour to my friend. I want to visit the staller steps! It sounds so fun and relaxing. Laying down on a blanket watching the sunset while Elvis Presley is playing in the background. Oh boy, that sounds like heaven. Imagine just relaxing doing some homework and casually pulling out some grapes from your bag. Having a picnic with your friends! I feel like I’m in a movie while reading your blog post! I love it!

  2. Joshua

    Reading your blog makes me wanna know more about your relationship to this guy. It seems as though you guys are really close and you always have a great time when you both hang up. I can relate is that I have someone who I have a great time whenever I am around and spending time alone is always a better alternative than being in crowds. Oh and btw when you were trying to teach him how to dance, that was nice since a lot of people usually start off VERYYY stiff since they feel uncomfortable at first, just let him feel the mood first I guess??, I hope to hear more about what other things you guys did.


    Sounds like you had a fun weekend Alyssa! I’m happy that you got that tour guide job. You’re going to be great at showing people Stony Brook and to try to convince high school juniors and seniors to become apart of SBU! Ayeee Bachata is the way to go!!! Your friend wasn’t ready for you to unleash your full skills but its nice that you got to teach him a Staller Steps tradition and how to dance.

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