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  • Hello all. Hope all is well! Finals week is approaching so you can imagine how hectic it’s been. Between studying, classes, and work I have been going crazy. I have 2 aleks topic left which is great. Im ahead. The […]

    • It is hard leaving your friends at school after the first semester. That always made going home bitter-sweet for me. I loved seeing my family, but I was building a life at school. Good luck with all of your finals!

    • I definitely understand what you are going through. I have not slept at all I spent my whole day at the library and I am not exaggerating. Since last night, I was there since 8 am this morning studying for this psych exam. I went to go get breakfast and with my luck I had an allergic reaction to some fruits I ate… all an hour before the exam. I stepped foot in that exam thinking I was going to pass. I am not too sure about that now. I wish you luck though. I need to start that nap strategy that you have because I legit do not sleep.

    • Yeah girl I feel you all the way. I just took that psych exam and boy did that go downhill. I was so confident! But ehh what can we do about it! Its life, you win some and you lose some. The only thing we need right now is a boost! So tomorrow when I deliver my speech, I want your ears to be wide open. I have some amazing advice that I think will defiently benifite you!! Good luck !

  • Hello all, finals are approaching and it’s so tiring!!!!!! I have studied so much, i think i’m just not a good test taker. It’s okay i do well in everything else like homeworks lol. I got a surprise visit this […]

  • I started my job at the career center and i absolutely love it. Such a different environment and just feel than as a tour guide. At the career center I’m in an office and i’m dealing hands on with my major!!! I […]

    • While you are in college, you will hear, about a billion times, how important networking is, and it seems like you have already gotten a head-start on it. The more professional connections you can make the better. I’m also glad that you had bit of balance in your life this weekend and that you had an opportunity to relax.

  • Many older generations, such as our grandparents, say we are always on our phone. THIS IS 100 PERCENT true! My parents did not allow me to have social media until I was almost a junior in highschool so by the time […]

    • oh boy Alyssa, this just makes me wonder. Are we all trapped? I broke my phone the second week of college and I haven’t had one since. I don’t really mind! It takes up everyone’s time. I see people just staring at their phones and they look so silly. I dont like it!!! I dont like how people arent paying attention to the real world just because they have devices. People dont even take time to socialize anymore ! ugh i hate it !!

  • arenovales wrote a new post, Foot! 9 months ago

    So a long time ago i stepped on something. This was way before the semester started, it occurred during the preparation to the EOP summer academy. I attempted to take it out myself but failed. So ofc i pushed on […]

    • I actually can relate to your story. I got hit by a car this summer and hurt my ankle since I was on a bike with a friend. But I refused to get any medical help and just limped around hiding what had happened from my family. Even when it ‘healed’ I thought I was okay. But that’s why I put quotations on healed because if I moved it a certain way it would definitely hurt. Yeah but now its better and I hope your foot is better too, Happy birthday to your father and hope you have a great time at home.

    • Yikes! Like you both, I’ve learned the hard way about not taking care of injuries ASAP. Running is great exercise, but there is a risk of injury because of the impact of the road–your feet and joints take a beating. I’ve learned the hard way that when I experience pain, it’s best not to pretend it doesn’t exist and try to run through it. I hope that your foot is okay, and that you have a great visit with your father and good job interview.

    • wow Alyssa you never fail to amaze me. The blog posts just keep getting better and better! I would ask you how your foot is doing but you are right next to me and I can see your stinky little foot. I was wondering if you could teach me about the school since you were a tour guide. Sadly you had to quit! What a bummer man. But at least you are living life! xoxoxoxoxo.

    • Oh my god! I hope that the situation related to your foot gets better but I think that is great that you have a week to relax and you are going to be able to see your parents! I do not know how you can handle being away from them. Enjoy your weekend!

  • This week was okay it went by so slow.I have time for everything now that i made my weekly schedule but now my days are all packed with things to do from 9 am to 10 pm. So by the end of the week i’m exhausted […]

    • Jon Snow is definitely one of my favorite characters, although I have to say that Sansa is my girl. Her character development has been amazing and I think that now she is one of the most competent rulers in Westeros. Team Stark all the way. I actually enjoyed the last episode of the season, but that’s because I’ve always liked GoTs best when it’s two people in a room talking. This season had a lot of spectacle, but the plotting and characterization was a bit of a disappointment.

    • Oh boy Alyssa. Here you go again with Game of Thrones! I’m going to throw you to the dragons! SIily chick! We are both going through the same things right now and I am a mess! But reading your blog post made me feel a little better. It’s good to see that some people are still awake and bright and happy like you! You are always positive,. Even you blog posts show it!

  • This week I attempted to get my life together and make a weekly schedule. I made sure to include, time to eat, time to shower, time to do laundry, time to go to the gym, different days to study for different […]

    • I can totally relate to your post. I also decided to create a schedule for the rest of the semester. I realized I have three midterms next week because I created a schedule. Without creating one I would have walked into the exam not knowing anything because I didn’t know about the test and I sleep in class all the time, therefore I wouldn’t have heard about the exam. Creating a schedule is extremely important. The bagel sounds delicious, I will check it out.

    • I can totally relate to your post. I also decided to create a schedule for the rest of the semester. I realized I have three midterms next week because I created a schedule. Without creating one I would have walked into the exam not knowing anything because I didn’t know about the test and I sleep in class all the time, therefore I wouldn’t have heard about the exam. Creating a schedule is extremely important. The bagel sounds delicious, I will check it out.

    • Hey Alyssa I completely feel you. Talk about overpriced. Those bagels were pretty tasty though. I loved the bacon and avocado. I wanted to stuff my face with 5 more of those yummy bagels. I am considering going out to the bagel express and buying one right now. But hmmm, is it really worth it? YES IT WAS WORTH IT. But anyway, the schedule really has helped us with everything! We now know how to manage our time and still have fun at the same time. College is going by so quick! Someone save me!

    • I definitely understand what you are going through. To be honest I should take the time to do the same thing. My ways are not cutting it as well, I need to learn better study habits, and DEFINITELY make a schedule for myself. I feel as chemistry takes up most of my time. Therefore when it comes to other classes I have no idea what’s going on, and that’s a problem. I might take in your idea to use and use this planner I have sitting on my desk to make my life a lot more easier and stop leaving all my assignments due for last minute.

  • arenovales wrote a new post, LIRR! 10 months ago

    I don’t like traveling much. It’s tiring and just time consuming. I went home this weekend and hated the commute. Three hours going and coming. Then i have to visit both my parents which is about an hour apart. I […]

    • It sounds like you had a nice weekend at home, with some yummy food and good company. It is really important to slow down and take a break. College is a lot of work, but it is important to rest a bit too; you don’t want to burn out. I agree about traveling though, it does a seem like a waste of time. At least you can always bring work with you on the train though. 🙂

  • This weekend was pretty crazy. I had a visitor and they stood over from friday afternoon until sunday morning. I was not expecting such a long visit but it was greatly appreciated. We stayed in for most of the […]

    • Aww Alyssa, This is so sweet! I love how you decided to take him outside to practice your tour guiding skills. I would also be nervous and giggly if I had to give a tour to my friend. I want to visit the staller steps! It sounds so fun and relaxing. Laying down on a blanket watching the sunset while Elvis Presley is playing in the background. Oh boy, that sounds like heaven. Imagine just relaxing doing some homework and casually pulling out some grapes from your bag. Having a picnic with your friends! I feel like I’m in a movie while reading your blog post! I love it!

    • Reading your blog makes me wanna know more about your relationship to this guy. It seems as though you guys are really close and you always have a great time when you both hang up. I can relate is that I have someone who I have a great time whenever I am around and spending time alone is always a better alternative than being in crowds. Oh and btw when you were trying to teach him how to dance, that was nice since a lot of people usually start off VERYYY stiff since they feel uncomfortable at first, just let him feel the mood first I guess??, I hope to hear more about what other things you guys did.

  • Hey!

    One of the first questions i tend to ask someone when i first meet them is what is there favorite color. Seems like an odd question when you’re just introducing yourself to someone you have just met. It […]

    • hey alyssa, it sounds so interesting that you ask that question ! I was wondering, do you love to do ice breakers ?? Based on what you wrote I feel like you are very outgoing !! Its really cool to have a friend like this. Im looking forward to reading more of your journals. Im excited to read what you want to tell us about our life and how you choose to socialize!

    • You don’t need to justify knowing the Teletubbies’ names! I am amazed what has remained stuck in my brain since childhood. I like the structure of this post, the way in which everything ties together. My favorite color is green. 🙂


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