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Comparing Pollen’s and my opinions made on fast food

Posted on November 17, 2018

I agree with most of Pollen’s points of view after reading this article, I wouldn’t blame the western diet exclusively as the role reason that makes people become sick, because I think people have made their own decisions on what they want to eat, what they will consume, to be healthy or not. I think people should not eat that much fast food should try to include more plants in their diets and aim for balance and moderation in their eating habits. I agree with Pollen that I have same idea on the reason why people started to have fast food and fast food company, people like them is the fast food is cheaper when you compare it with other food, also having fast food saves a lot more of your time on waiting for regular food. Same as Pollen mentioned in the article, “Americans spent less than 10 percent of their income on food”. (425), Americans don’t want to spend more money on what they eat nor want to cook, nor spend more money on improving what they eat. For most of my friends I know and who’re living in the U.S, they begin their breakfast with fruit, and main course generally consists cereal and milk. For lunch, they choose among burger, chicken nuggets and peanut butter sandwich. Everything I just mentioned has one similarity: they could be made fast, and kept you away from hunger for 3-4 hours. This might also show that people don’t really care on what they eat they just want to feel not hungry the price of food is cheap or not and if it’s saving people’s time so they could have more time to do other things. One kind of food that qualifies all the requirements on most Americans’ wanted is our western diet, which is being complained as it’s the primary cause of the modern diseases that Michael Pollen has stated. People seldom pay attention to what is in their food even the food industry gives out the label of how many calories it contains, what ingredients in it people wouldn’t really read about it, they might just care about when would the food expire.
Different from Pollen, I think people should still have meat in our diets, compared to vegetables, meats can often make people feel more satiety than the vegetables do. In my opinion, I would suggest people take both meat and vegetables equally by determining our needs in the first place, then according to what people’s actual needs to decide how much meat and vegetables their bodies acquire for their daily lives.

Fast food was created as a replacement for traditional meal, the reason might be sometimes people are busy, rushing to do something, they don’t have enough time to prepare their meals. However, I don’t recommend people have it every day but just in emergency, because I don’t think anything would worth the risk of getting western disease.

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