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What I Have Seen Behind Fast Food after reading Pollen’s article “Escape from the Western Diet”

Posted on November 13, 2018

Pollen introduced the idea of Denis Buritt, in his article “Escape from the Western Diet”, by stating “‘The only way we’re going reduce disease’, he said, ‘is to go backwards to the diet and lifestyle of our ancestors’”. (423) then Pollen added his minds on this, is that he thinks the problem people facing now is they don’t know how to escape from the Western diet, since the Western diet became part of people’s lives. He pointed out the thought of “lifestyle of our ancestor” is unrealistic, Pollen think the problem people now facing is not “back to bush” but avoid consuming the harmful elements included inside the Western diet. Then Pollen quotes Gyorgy Scrinis’s words “whole foods and industrial foods are the only two food groups I’d consider including in any useful food ‘pyramid’”. (423) then Pollen questioned on Scrinis’s thought, he pointed out the different view of point that how to determine if a food is whole food or processed food, “Is a steak from a feedlot steer that consumed a diet of corn, various industrial wasted products, antibiotics, and hormones still a ‘whole food’? I’m not
sure”. (424) Pollen gave the audiences a sense of why he think is hard to consider the food we ate is whole food or not, because the steer and the steak are both from the feedlot, and consume same fodder, steer has been considered as industrial food, hence, Pollen is not sure the steak is still can be considered as whole food. Pollen recommended people should “Eat food. Not much.Mostly plants”. (426) in order to have a well-lived life. He also suggested people try to follow the theory of nutirtionism. Pollen also pointed out the main reason for people choosing Western diet is that “They also spend less than a half hour a day preparing meals and little more than an hour enjoying them”. (425) by pointing out this issue, Pollen is basically telling the audiences that this is the reason why most people in Western counties would choose eating Western diet, they barely spend time on preparing their meal, and use around an hour to consume what they have eaten.

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