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Fail BIG, Dream BIG

Posted on December 5, 2017

Society has taught us to believe that failure is unacceptable. We have learned that when we fail it is because we aren’t good enough or because we didn’t try hard enough. You have to fail big in order to dream big. Something I have obviously failed to realize. When you were younger, you always thought about how your future life would be. Married, kids, employed, and happy. The older you got, you started to realize that your future isn’t always maintained to do the way you like it. Something will always come along and fuck it up. Working so hard on to the right track in order to achieve my dream that I forget the steps that I have taken to get there. You’re grinding, and never stopping, and not letting any body get in your way until SPLAT… you come crashing down at full speed. You have failed. You don’t understand how something like this can happen because you’re not used to it. Yet, this is something that will happen to you everyday. You can not get to where you want in life without falling and getting back up. This is when failure turns into a success. Make yourself better so that next time you don’t fall on the same thing and if you do, get back up or even ask for help. Don’t deny help when you need it as well. Stop going back and forth if you can’t seem to find the solution to your problem. You think that you can do it by yourself because “you don’t need anybody,” but you do. The truth is, the only time you truly fail is when you don’t even try. Because even if you fail at first, you are still further than those who never tried at all. Failure is a necessary stepping-stone that brings you closer to achieving your hopes and dreams. The only way to better yourself, your project, or your dream, is to constantly evolve. When you fail, you come to a crossroads and it allows you to stop and think which direction you should take. Whether you should continue on pursuing the goal that you wanted or if you should just give up. Failure is a blessing disguised as a curse. Don’t ever fear it. Embrace It and know that it’s necessary.


  1. jjmatthews

    In order to be successful there is a learning process and through that learning process, you have many failures. With failures, you learn the correct way to do things and you will achieve what you desire. I ‘ve made a lot of mistakes but as I look back I don’t classify them as failures though but to make myself feel better I just say they were lessons, needed lesson. Many more lessons are to come. Writing this comment I’m learning a lesson that I will realize once next semester comes.

  2. ariarodrigue

    I really love everything that you wrote here, it really spoke to me. We live in a society where its so forbidden and “bad” to fail but yet everyone fails at one point in their life. Failure is normal and should be acceptable. I also agree with what you said about having to fail to succeed, I find that so true. sometimes you just need to hit rock bottom as a reality shock so that you could get your sec together,

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