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Posted on September 11, 2017

In class on Thursday, September 7th we were told to write a piece using anaphora. What the hell was that? I asked myself. I have never heard of that up until now. It is the repetition of words or phrases in the beginning of sentences or phrases. After the definition given, maybe it was familiar, just that word seemed unfamiliar. I wrote apiece speaking about myself actually. It is about how much I work and to get to where I am in my life. So it starts: I work. I work whether it’s my shift today or not. I work on everything and anything. I work whether it’s an actual job or a side hustle. I work to get to where I’m at. I work to become the person I am. I work for the money, for the experience. I work to keep myself busy. I work on myself, my attitude. I work from the ranges of everything and anything. I work on what makes me who I am. I work and that is the type of individual that I am. I work and I work harder. I work and that is something that I’ll always do. (All done). Well this piece shows that I am a person who works, I work to get my stuff and get my money up. During High School, I had two official jobs. I did what I had to do in each of these jobs to be able to get a check every week. I quit playing my favorite sport to start working. Basketball meant everything to me but then again money does too. You need money for the clothes you where, for the sneakers on your feet, the food in your mouth and more. So I chose money, helped my family out as well. I was an expense they could get rid of. I was able to care for them and myself. I had my days where I’d come home to feeding everyone in the household, just because that was the type of person I was. If I had, so did they. When I had it good, Mama Sushi was ordered for the house and when they were okay, I’d come home with a bag of McDonald’s. I think they do enough for me, why not give the favor in return. So I work for them and myself. I work to keep myself financially stable. I worked to get here; I could say I made it to Stony Brook University. I’m making it out of Dyckman; I could be one of the few to change my life around.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    The word “anaphora” is unusual, mostly because it comes from ancient Greece. When we do our textual analysis later in the semester, we’ll find, I think, that there are lots of these unfamiliar words in rhetoric. I like your use of it here. It clearly communicates just how much and how hard you work.

  2. Hussein Osman

    I love the way this blog made me feel especially because I didn’t know what anaphora was either. Although there were some spots where you could have shown instead of told, you still get your point across and make the reader understand the meaning of you writing this. It is very well written and thought out and I loved every word you wrote. Keep up the good work and good luck on your future blog posts.

  3. jwhyte

    What I liked about your post is that it was interesting and personal. I would say that because of its sincerity I was drawn in as a reader. Being that this piece was personal I was able to gain an insight to your character and drive. you have a great quality that more people should aspire to have. If diction is any indication of trait then I can undoubtedly state that you appear to be extremely hard working and take pride in the fact. You carry a desire, passion so strong that it enviable yet admirable.

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