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Group Skit

Posted on May 6, 2018

The skit my group made was based off “Glengarry Glen Ross” by David Mamet, but instead of keeping it as salesmen who close and get frustrated with the leads that they are given we changed it to soldiers who kill their enemies and get frustrated with the missions that they are given. We decided to choose this play because it gave us a lot of leeway in terms of creativity and options with scenes to change up and characters to mess around with and fiddle with. Another reason why we just this play if because the setting and occupations can easily be switched for another with similar circumstances that the salesmen face. The adaptational choices we made was with the scene where Blake talks to the Levene and Moss in the office about the weak leads they have received. We changed the setting and period of the of the play and also the position of each individual. Blake is President Trump and Levene and Moss are regular soldiers being lectured by Trump on why they’re doing a bad job at killing, meanwhile in actuality they are given weak missions (those are supposed to resemble leads). My group worked extremely well together and there were no issues besides free time in order for us to meet up and work on the skit. We didn’t really divide the work up necessarily, we just worked on it as a whole at the same time to brainstorm ideas and write down lines as we thought of them. Our skit was well overall but I think our humor is what or skit excelled in particularly with the atmosphere the skit displays. If I had more time with skit I would have added more dialogue between Levene and Moss because it would have added another element and dynamic the original scene didn’t hit as much. The skit also hit the ideas and themes we set out in making the scene, which was to show how much of a clown Trump truly is. It was a scene to honestly make fun of him and all the controversy surrounding him and also, we were trying to mirror the way he would speak to others in a lower position than him. As the final product came into fruition I was happy with everything because the group worked together really well and we all had good chemistry with one another so it got done faster than expected. However, when it came to actually performing the skit we were all nervous and forgot some lines and eventually improvised the whole scene, but I think that was the best part of this process because we became so comfortable with one another that we just said stuff that came to our heads and it made sense. It was real dialogue and speaking to one another.

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