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Blog 10

Posted on May 6, 2018

After getting into our group the first thing that we did was decide what text we were going to use for the skit. We asked each other to see what three of us wanted to do our skit on and it turned out that three of us wanted to do our skit on The Glengarry Glen Ross play. After deciding the book we then choose the scene that we wanted to do our skit on. We choose the Blake scene. The reason why we chose the Blake scene was because we wanted to make our skit funny so we can catch the viewer’s interest. After deciding that we are going to choose the blake scene we came up with some possible scenario that would match with the scene. Since we wanted to make our skit funny we decided that we are going to use Trump to replace Blake. His character fits with Blake’s character at the same time his character fits perfect for funny scene. At first we decided that the skit is going to be about Trump and Kim Jong-Un fighting against each other but it didn’t really match with the scene that much so than we decided that it is going to be Trump giving speech to the Soldiers. For our skit we change the setting and the time period but we tried to stay consistent with the main idea of the scene. For instance for the word leads we changed it to mission and for the world close we changed it to kill. In the blake scene blake was teaching the other brokers how to close a deal, and in our skit Trump was teaching the soldiers how to kill. Our group worked really good together. In the class we came up with ideas for thing that we can put in the skit to make the skit sound funny. We also meet two days outside of class sit down as a group to finish the skit. When we were writing  the skit we didn’t assign each person a portion of the skit to write, rather we all worked on it together. For instance we looked at the scene where Blake is talking and for each line we all came up with ideas that will sound good and then we choose the best one or the one that made the most sense. One thing that our skit really did well was making the scenes really funny. Personally i think that overall we did excellent in performing the skit as well as working as a group for the skit.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    The choice to cast Trump in the Blake role works really well. One could certainly argue that the president shares a number of traits with the character. Your skit was definitely very funny, and I am glad to read that you collaborated effectively on it. Thanks for a great semester.

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