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  • After getting into our group the first thing that we did was decide what text we were going to use for the skit. We asked each other to see what three of us wanted to do our skit on and it turned out that three of […]

    • The choice to cast Trump in the Blake role works really well. One could certainly argue that the president shares a number of traits with the character. Your skit was definitely very funny, and I am glad to read that you collaborated effectively on it. Thanks for a great semester.

  • The movie Get out starts by showing a man walk on the street who gets abducted by another man. I saw the movie twice the second time was in the class. When I saw the movie for the first time, I thought that the […]

    • I think that “Get Out” is definitely reward a rewatch. As you note in this post, many of the scenes that might have been confusing on a first watch through are clarified on a second viewing. There is also a ton of foreshadowing that becomes clearer during a rewatch. Peele’s script masterfully hints at what is too come, while giving very little away.

  • abwahid wrote a new post, Blog 9 4 months ago

    The second act of David Mamet by Glengarry Glen Ross starts with a scene of a robbery and a detective trying to figure out who stole the leads. To me it was obvious that Aronow and Moss stole the leads. In the […]

    • Your blog post does a nice job of juxtaposing the robbery and the Roma’s conversation with Lingk. As you note, Roma here goes beyond smooth talk and begins outright lying to Lingk about the status of his contract. He is attempting to defraud him. Is what Roma is doing any different, on a fundamental moral level, than what Levene and Moss did when they broke in an robbed the office?

  • For children events such as garden parties are always something to look forward to. Garden events are always fun for children. They get to meet their relatives and children of their age and play with them. In the […]

    • Good discussion of “The Garden Party.” You are correct that Laura is still a child, and she still has a lot of growing up to do. I like you point about Mrs. Sheridan refusing to cancel the garden party potentially affecting the morals of her children. Why does she refuse to cancel the party? What lesson might her children take away from this refusal?

  • The “Indian Education” by Sherman Alexie shows an overview of his life in the reservation and in the school of reservation as well as his transition to a white school. Although he talks about a small glimpse of […]

    • Good job discussing the structure of “Indian Education.” He selects these powerful or evocative moments to convey the experiences of American Indian children who are stuck in and underserved by the reservation school system. You also do a good job of demonstrating that leaving the reservation has its own set of perils. Nice connection to Alexie’s novel.

  • abwahid wrote a new post, week nine 5 months ago

    The Ethics of Living Jim Crow: An Autobiographical Sketch

    Richard Wright


    In the short story, “The Ethics of Living Jim Crow: An Autobiographical Sketch” by Richard Wright shows the hardship of Afri […]

    • I understand your strong reaction to Wright’s mother. Proscriptions against hitting children back then were not as strong as today, but still her reaction is jarring. Why do you think that she reacts that way? Pease and Morrie are the worst; I think we can all agree on that. Your connects about Wright and his female co-worker are also really interesting, because of the way in which it brings in issues of gender. How do we see gender and race intersect here?

  • When the magistrate returns form the journey he gets locked up in the cell for returning the barbarian girl to the barbarians. He was considered as trader by Joll. But why should he be called trader for doing this […]

    • Great observations about the harm that the soldiers are doing to the community. Why did you think it was suspicious that the barbarians only attack at night? Your last sentence also makes a strong point about the novel. Who is the enemy? We might have seen the barbarians marked by the word, but, as you suggest, it seems like Joll and his desire for war, has been the enemy all along.

  • abwahid wrote a new post, Week five 6 months ago

    When the magistrate meets Joll he explains Joll’s sunglasses with great details that caused me to wonder if the magistrate did ever see a sunglass before. When I realized that he never saw sunglasses before I i […]

    • You do a nice job of drawing connections between the magistrate and Joll. In many ways, they function as foils to each other. Did you notice any quotes from the novel that support these observations. I also would have liked to see this post focus more on the readings for this week, three and four. How did those chapters affect your view of the magistrate?

  • Knowing that Yorick is the last man to be alive, to continue the human race his survival should be the top priority. Nevertheless it is not taken as seriously as it should be. Yorick’s mom and the president’s ide […]

    • Good discussion of Yorick and Sonia. For me, the fact that Yorick seems to be attracted to and shares some connection with Sonia makes his quest to find Beth even more foolish and irrational. She is clearly not the only woman in the world for him. Also, great observations about Marrisville. Do you think that Vaughan is suggesting something about our criminal justice system?

  • I always enjoy reading books that is mysterious and causes suspense. The comic book, The Last Man by Brian K Vaughan starts with a woman with blood all over her hands and cloth, begging a police officer to help […]

    • You do a nice of explaining the plot of the first volume of the graphic novel. Try, though, to include some more analysis in these blog posts. What did you think about the fact that garbage woman was threatening to sell Yorick? What did you make of the conflict between Yorick’s mother and the wives of the Republican senators?

  • “The Story of an Hour” by Chopin Kate started with Mrs. Mallard’s husband’s friend and her sister trying to figure out a way to tell Mrs.Mallard about the death of her husband. Since Mrs. Mallard has heart issues […]

    • Good discussion of “A Sorrowful Woman.” Your connection to horror films is interesting. Even though, as you note, the child is not actually a ghost, there does seem to be something unnatural (if not supernatural) about the woman’s reaction to her son. We might want to interrogate what that means about our attitudes about women, motherhood, and femininity. In your discussion of “The Story of an Hour,” try to include a bit less plot summary and a bit more interpretation. For example, what did you think of Louise Mallard’s reaction to news of her husband’s death?


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