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  • Before I actually started my research, I didn’t know too much about the Paralympics in general although I was still very interested in it. However, once I actually started going into and further analyzing it, I […]


    Facts / Problem


    The problem is that there is a bias in the Paralympics towards wealthier countries and certain disabilities over other disabilities.
    The countries with the m […]

  • Murray argues that there is a certain way in which you can efficiently peer review your own work, and although I do understand most of what he is saying as well as see where he is coming from, I don’t necessarily […]

  • AAMANICKAM wrote a new post, Peer Review 4 months ago

    The peer review process that we went through was actually very interesting. In years past our peer review process was pretty straightforward. We would all exchange our papers and try to find a partner and then […]

  • Introduction: When it comes to disability and sports the crown jewel of this community is none other than the Paralympics. With their inspirational commercials and coverage of handicapped athletes, the Paralympics […]

  • Every person in society has a unique identity. That’s just the way the world works. Sometimes that identity can be as blatant as your ethnicity or race, and sometimes it can be a little more complicated, like an […]

  • As I was reading these two texts, many emotions came through my head. Unlike most others, I started by reading Rosemarie Garland- Thomson’s rather than starting with Kleege’s simply because the title intrigued me. […]

  • When reading Lamott’s text called “Shitty First Drafts,” a quote that I found really entertaining was something I read all the way in the beginning of the essay, but it stuck with me through the rest of it. The […]

  • In life, there really aren’t many things that I’m in control of. My parents said that I have to go to school, the weather decides what I can wear, my budget decides what I can buy, and even my name; my names […]

  • Hey guys! My name’s Abhishek, but everyone calls me Abhi. I grew up in South Ozone Park in Queens,  which is that area of the city that no one ever considers the actual city. It may lack those iconic skyscrapers […]


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