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  • Introduction: Like other minority groups, the socio economic situation of disabled people is affected by their condition. The disabled often require some sort of assistive technology, which can raise their cost of […]

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  • Introduction: Disability for those at or below the poverty line face many more difficulties than others. Not only that, but those in different countries have many different concerns regarding what is a problem to […]

  • Introduction: Mental health is an issue that occurs in people of all ages across all cultures. When comparing the amount of money spent on research for other disabilities and diseases, it doesn’t even compare to w […]

  • The peer review process was very helpful for me because it allowed me to see another person’s perspective on my writing. The main thing that was the most helpful for me was getting feedback on which parts of my […]

  • The peer review experience was definitely enlightening as I never had to offer feedback to a fellow student to help them improve their writing. The feedback I received definitely covered ideas that were weak […]

  • One thing pointed out in my peer review was that my introduction started out strong but ends pretty weak. Towards the end of writing of my introduction, I felt it was getting to long and I was hesitant to have a […]

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  • I feel as though my own revision process is different from the writing process Donald Murray describes. For one, I don’t deal with any sort of ego when I write. I am more of an amateur writer than professional as […]

  • Murray’s article on writing really makes you think about the writing process and how important it is to pay attention to all of the little details that go into your writing. When he compares his writing process (a […]

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  • Ladau and Fernandes, DeBarros and Li have us think critically about disabilities. More obviously Fernandes, DeBarros and Li’s research report gave us their data and findings which we need to delve into more to c […]

  • All three of these writers bring attention to the fact that language has a huge effect on how people view disabled people. The two articles go into depth about how using specific words can really change people’s […]

  • Language is the tool that we use to communicate and think. Thus our word choice has a large impact on society and ourselves. The articles discuss this effect. Ladau describes that person first language, which […]


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