Blog Post #3

Donald Murray’s “The Makers’ Eye” hits all points on what a writer must have to have that amazing essay. One of those key aspects is tone. He describes the tone as the invisible force, the writers’ voice. The tone is a huge part about an essay because the tone impacts what the words and sentences mean. […]

Blog Post #3

From the article The Maker’s Eye by Donald Murray, he introduced seven elements in the writing. When your first draft already has subject, audience, form, structure, development, dimension, and tone, then you can do the next step, editing. Donald Murray used his experience of when he editing, he liked to read his draft aloud. I also […]

Wolfie Blog #3

The process of peer review is extremely helpful and important in the process of writing. There are various factors that peer review helps to examine in your writing. To start grammar and spelling will be checked by another student and allows your writing to improve from that standpoint. Although not very spectacular of a change, […]


When I read the Phaedrus in the past, I always got the impression that Socrates and Thamus associated with remembering and wisdom as active actions and reminding and the appearance of wisdom as passive actions. What I mean by that, is that, for them, remembering and wisdom are things that have to be earned out […]

Blog 2

I am strongly agree the idea Lamott talks about in his passage Shitty First Draft. Many writers are struggle with writing first draft. I have the sense that when every time I am writing a new essay, it is very difficult to start with the first draft. Many times I do not know anything that […]

Blog #2

Reading “Shitty First Drafts” brought me a sense of comfort to know that other people (especially successful writers) are also making horrible first drafts. I definitely struggle with expressing my ideas effectively and coherently, so my drafts are usually extremely messy. I relate to  Lamott’s advice to just write everything and anything, and once you […]