I-Search Brainstorming

For the upcoming I-Search Essay, I thought about the topics I wish to explore and learn about. Among many research ideas, ones I found most interesting are sleep, vape and hybrid cars. Sleep we all know is a crucial pattern of lifestyle and that we can’t live with sleeping. Yet, what can lack of sleep […]

Writing ideas

My first idea for the paper is to write about math education. This would include researching on how it should be done. I want to focus on middle and high school education. I want to know what topics should be taught and when they should be taught. In my experience student tend to meet the […]

The Issues Right Here

Much like the literacy narrative, I struggled to come up with ideas for the I-search essay. There are not many stories of my life that I enjoy telling, and it felt frightening for me to research an issue that would ultimately conclude in the raising of intensely personal questions. Brainstorming ideas is always the most […]