Group Skit

The skit my group made was based off “Glengarry Glen Ross” by David Mamet, but instead of keeping it as salesmen who close and get frustrated with the leads that they are given we changed it to soldiers who kill their enemies and get frustrated with the missions that they are given. We decided to […]

The Skit

For the skimpy team decided to do work with “Y the Last Man”. Unlike the other stories we read as a class, my group felt that this book had the best premise. A world with no men and only woman got the whole class engaged. We wanted to use the aspect of the minority becoming […]

Blog Post #4

Jania Williams Profesor Jessica Hautsch 3 May 2018 Blog Post   In chapters 3 and 4 of “Waiting for the barbarians” there was full of crazy events. At first when I read it I didn’t really like the book, but when we had our class discussions and spoke about the key points I eventually gave […]

Reflection for Skit

My group’s skit was based of the “Black Men in Public Space.” We picked the story because i was short and so we could just concentrate on a certain idea. Our main focus on the group skit to oncerate on making the story more understanding and to have a lesson many of us can in […]