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WLS-TV. “Athlete raising money to compete in Deaflympics in Turkey.” ABC7 Chicago June 14, 2017 This news article focus on showing the funding a deaf athlete from Turkey receives and comparing that with his achievement in the Deaflympics. It discusses the unfair funding to the deaf athletes’ team. WLS-TV concludes that any addition funding can […]

Human Nature

Glengarry Glen Ross is a play written by David Mamet revolving the lives around four Chicago real estate salesman in the span of two days. The firm is trying to motivate their employees by putting them to a competition. At the end of the week, winner gets a cadillac and a set of steak knives […]

Blog 8

The newest chapter of Glen Garry Glen Ross was soooo choppt. The fact that Moss or Aaronow might’ve comitted the robbery is crazy. I don’t really know who might’ve done it but man it was type crazy how it really happened though. Like who robs the company they work for, I just don’t understand that […]


Reading through the Act 2, I’ve noticed things tend to go at a faster speed. Going into the beginning of Act 2, the robbery already happened. Though would have liked more of a preview of the robbery, I think it actually laid out quite well. At first, I hated reading this book. It was weirdly […]

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Sandhya Vishwas, Limaye. “Factors Influencing the Accessibility of Education for Children with Disabilities in India.” Global Education Review, Vol 3, Iss 3, Pp 43-56 (2016), no. 3, 2016, p. 43. EBSCOhost,   This article focuses on the many different factors that influence educational rights and accessibility for disabled children in India. It discusses the numerous […]

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B., Felicia, et al. “Disability in the Family: The Effects on Children’s Well-Being.” Journal of Marriage and Family, National Council on Family Relations, 1 May 1994, This article focuses on a study that was conducted using the 1988 National Health Interview Survey on Children’s Health. The study documented the physical and emotional well-being of […]