Final blog

I really enjoyed creating the skit. It was fun working with my team they were really creative so they helped bring out the creative side in me and I think that will really help in my future endeavors or if I ever have to work in a team again. If I think about the short […]

Blog 10

After getting into our group the first thing that we did was decide what text we were going to use for the skit. We asked each other to see what three of us wanted to do our skit on and it turned out that three of us wanted to do our skit on The Glengarry […]

Blog #10

I really enjoyed our last project. I felt like it was a perfect way to end a difficult semester. I enjoyed working with my classmates because usually I usually work alone so this was a good switch up. I thought the concept of the project was quite repetitive because we had to do something similar […]

Blog 5/6

After a long semester of writing papers I felt that the final paper was  both entertaining and easier to write than the essays prior. I found it entertaining because we were able to put our imaginations into the essays. We were able to create our own side of the story and put our thoughts and […]