Make-up blog #6

Chelsea Abreu   This week we read three very interesting stories, however, the ones I liked most were “The Ethics of Living Jim Crow” by Richard Wright, and “Black Men in Public Space” by Brent Staples. These stories really show the struggle that colored people had to go through because of the Jim Crow laws. […]

Blog 5:)

Waiting for the Barbarian’s is an interesting novel to say the least. It’s allegorical nature hits a little too close to home when interpreting and applying it to many modern real world events. The story begins with the introduction of our nameless protagonist, the Magistrate (upon googling it, I found out it means a civil […]

Fight Club

“Fight Club” is all time classic and a movie I watched after searching through the forums. The guys in his forum love taking up a alpha attitude to make themselves look tough in order to make themselves feel better. They are incredibly tough and strong willed but they have such hateful attitudes of the […]

Finals Week

The campus gives off a weird vibe during finals week. Somewhere deep within the anxiety of all the students fighting over seats at the library there is comfort. Maybe its the false sense of peace that we all share when we realize that we stopped learning new materials and finally get to study at our […]

Introductory Post

This is a short introductory about me blog post. My name is Bojidar Todorov and I am 19 years old. I was born in Bulgaria, but have lived in NYC nearly my entire life. I attended Brooklyn Technical High School and am currently a freshman in the Computer Engineering major at Stony Brook University. I […]

Everyday Use

The short story Everyday Use by Alice Walker revolves around three characters Dee, Mama and Maggie who each in every way are completely different from each other. Mama for example is characterized as the “man of the house”. She took on the role of the man figure of the house because she describes herself as […]