I-Search: For a Topic

Although still not set on one definitive topic as of today, in regards to the upcoming I-Search paper I have a list of proposed topics primarily influenced by my interests forming in my medical sociology course as well as recent experiences in my life. One topic I’m interested in is in regards to research into […]

My summer time

For the I-research paper, I want to write something relates to my personal narrative paper. In my personal narrative, I talked about my experience of immigrating from China to America, and how that was a struggle for me. There are thousands of people immigrating into the United State each year, and many of them are […]

Essay Topic Ideas

One of my possible essay topic ideas is to write about whether or not students should wear uniforms. There is much debate on the topic. Some people say it blocks creativity and self expression. While others say it helps create structure for children and helps behavior in schools. I would talk about both sides by […]

I-Search for Something

Possible research topics are lucid dreaming, marijuana, and vandalism. I want to learn if it is possible to and how to communicate through dreams. Intentional communication seems to require awareness and readiness during the dreams-thus, the topic of focus will be lucid dreaming.  For marijuana, I want to learn how it affects teenagers and young […]